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Roots: mater, matris, pater, patris, frater, fratris, avunculus, avunculi, uxor, uxoris, gamos


The surroundings within which something begins or develops (Researchers use a ~ of nutritious gelatin to grow bacteria in laboratories)


A society ruled or controlled by women (Anthropological research suggests that the early society of Crete was a ~)


To register as a student at a college or university (Oberlin was the first American college to allow both women and men to ~)

Patriarch (1)

The male head of a family or tribe (The ~ was honored as the chief historian of the tribe)

Patriarch (2)

An Old Testament ancestor (Jacob was the ~ of the twelve tribes of Israel)

Patriarch (3)

A founding father or wise man (Americans look upon George Washington as their ~)


A family inheritance (Islamic law allows a woman to retain all rights to her ~ when she marries)

Patronage (1)

Support; encouragement (Political contenders vie for the ~ of wealthy citizens)

Patronage (2)

Business clientele; customers (Because of its efficiency and courtesy the new bank has attracted the ~ of many business people)

Patronize (1)

To go to regularly (We ~ the local grocery store)

Patronize (2)

To treat someone as an inferior ("Don't ~ me," the patient said when the doctor dismissed her questions)


Name derived from a paternal ancestor (Peterson is the ~ of Peter's son)


Pertaining to brothers; brotherly (Although separated for many years, the brothers still retained a fierce ~ loyalty)

Fraternize (1)

To be friendly with (The new teacher soon ~ easily with her colleagues)

Fraternize (2)

To socialize with an enemy population (Warning the troops not to ~, the commander declared off limits all taverns and restaurants in the occupied town)


Like an uncle (We appreciated his ~ gestures like trips to the ball part and treats of ice cream)


Dominated by one's wife (The ~ husband catered to his wife's every whim)


Marriage to two mates (Mr. Rochester would have committed ~ if he had married Jane Eyre while his wife was still alive)


Marriage to a single mate (The Constitution recognizes ~ as the only legal form of marriage in the United States)

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