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cheating on her husband, slutty, compared to primrose, confident


focused on chivalry but digresses and gets distracted, God is his priority, wears sweaty shirt fresh from battle


wallows in vulgarity, opposite of Knight, not at all interested in propriety, loud, large


hen, tells Chanticleer not to worry


evil Muslim, kills everyone at her son's wedding except Constance


love conquers all, propriety, priorities are messed up


cousin who fought over Emily, courtly love, compares love with death, prays to Mars that he will win, gets married to Emily but then dies


married to Walter, tested so many times, doormat, too extremely loyal


sent sailing around, God on her side, very Catholic, never talks


rooster, Partlet is favorite of his wives, worries about fate versus free will, flatterable, tricks fox


wears fur, hunts


pimp, rich


not satirized, good, honest


priest's brother, not satirized, hard worker, helpful


in love with Constance before he even sees her, willing to convert to Christianity for her


innocent, compared to Lily, wishes to remain a virgin, very beautiful

Wife of Bath

5 husbands, gap toothed, rich, potentially killed off husbands? happiest with the husband who abused her because they were even

Loathly Lady

tells knight that what women desire most is control, secretly beautiful but looks really ugly

Choir boy

killed by Jews for singing the Alma Redemptoris


very sinful, sells fake relics, corrupts indulgences for personal gain, has each of the seven deadly sins, but his worth is sloth/despair, which he wallows in

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