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  1. Hawthorne effect
  2. matching
  3. Selection:
  4. external validity
  5. criterion-related evidence
  1. a refers to the change in performance caused by the mere presence of others watching.
  2. b random selection, random assignment
  3. c the technique of equating groups on one or more variables, with the result that each member of one group has a direct counterpart in another group
  4. d is used to determine validity by comparing the instrument used in the study with another instrument or form of assessment presumed to measure the same variable. Two forms of criterion-related validity are predictive and concurrent.
  5. e generalizability

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  1. focuses on specifying a problem and creating an action plan to address the problem
  2. includes a variety of different types of evidence supporting the characteristic being measured. Three common ways to measure construct-related validity include using a clearly defined variable, hypotheses based on theory to explain the variable, and logical and empirically tested hypotheses.
  3. a statistical procedure for examining the results of several research studies on the same topic and determining the congruence and divergence of outcome data
  4. control group
  5. double blind study

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  1. statistical regressionresearchers manipulate variables or introduce a treatment to one participant or group over time and intently study effects


  2. nonexperimental designused to describe participant characteristics or behaviors and do not involve the application of any treatment to participants


  3. single-case designcan be used to make cause-effect determinations


  4. instrumentation:consistency and reliability


  5. Methods of Control:randomization
    random assignment
    using participants as their own controls
    analysis of covariance