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When you are driving on an interstate, why is it dangerous to follow the same vehicle for a long time?
you maybe relaxed or loose consentration
When you overtake another vehicle at night, why should you use your low beams.
so that you will not blind the other driver
What should you do if you are overtaken by an emergency vehcile flashing its emergency lights?
pull over to the right side of the road and wait till the emergency vehcile has passed
Why should you use a turn signals well in advance of a turn?
to notify another driver that you are turning
When making a turn at an intersection, what is the first thing you should do?
know where you want to turn.
What should you do before backing out of a diagonal parking space?
be certain that the way is clear and or no people are crossing.
When are paved roads most likely to be their slickest?
when they are wet or have ice on them etc.
What does the flashing yellow traffic signal mean?
slow down and excerise with caution before proceeding thourgh the intersection.
If there is any question about right of-way in a particular situation, what should you do?
The vehicle on the right has the right-of-way.
When may you drive at the posted speed limit in Mississippi?
when conditions are ideal
As a driver, how can you help reduce accidents at intersections?
by making safe turns 1. Know where you want 2 turn. If u are not sure, drive slowly and read the street signs or markers. avoud last minute turns. 2. Signal wat u intend 2 do. Give people and other drivers advance notice of your intersections. 3. get n2 the correct lane as soon as possible. 4. Look around u n all directions b4 u change lanes or turn.Do not assume that other drivers will see u. b sure. 5.Slow down well b4 u reach the crosswalk of the turn at a consistent speed. Do not push down the brake or clutch while u r turning. Do nto shift gears while entering the intersection. 6. Finish the turn n the proper lane.
As a driver, what is your resposibility to pedestrians?
to be careful. and they have the right away?
What should you do if you are involved in an accident in which ther is personal injury of $1,000.00 or more in property damage?
withn 60days of an accident, if u do not furnish proof of yor abiltiy 2 pay yor driving privaledges will be placed in severe jeoporady. 1. Show that you had an adequate insurance policy in effect at the time of accident. 2. show that you have either a certificate of deposit or securities valuing $15,000. 3. Show that hou have a certificate of self-insurance. 4. Deposit cash, negotible security, or corporate surety bond in an amount judged sufficient by Department to pay all damages. 5. Present a release of liability, a final adjudicaiton or non-liability for damange or show payment of your damages by the other party.
You are required to file a Certificate of Insurance (SR22) showing that you have adquate coverage
Why should should'nt you drive when you are ill, angry, or depressed
depressed- if u are preoccupied with personal problems, you may bcome too distracted to handle your vehcile. ill- domsestic quarrels, financial concerns or illness can make u temporarly accident prone. anger- you need time to cool off b4 u get behind the wheel.
What is the legal maximum distance at which you may you may park your car parrell to the curb.
What should you do when a law enforcement officer is directing traffic?
wait till he signals you to go
What is the best way to inform other drivers of any maneuver you are about to make on the highway.
turn on your blinker
When waiting to make a left turn, what shoud you do.
select proper gear and look both ways before starting to make a left turn. when waiting to make a left turn always keep your wheels straight.
Where do most accidents occur
What should you do if you take the wrong exit on the interstate?
contiue off on the exit