14 terms

Geometry Formulas

Lateral Area of Prism
LA = ph
Total Area of Prism
TA = LA + 2B
Volume of Prism
V= Bh
Lateral Area of Pyramid
LA = 1/2pl
Total Area of Pyramid
TA = LA +B
Volume of Pyramid
V = 1/3Bh
Lateral Area of Cylinder
LA = 2πrh
Total Area of Cylinder
TA = LA + 2B
Volume of Cylinder
V = πr^2h
Lateral Area of Cone
LA = πrl
Total Area of Cone
TA = LA + B
Volume of Cone
V = 1/3πr^2h
Volume of Sphere
V = 4/3πr^3
Area of Sphere
A = 4πr^2