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produces eggs and estrogen


sex hormone that is released in puberty


sex cells produced by ovaries


organ that connects outside of the women's body to the uterus
creates period


long narrow tube that carries urine from the bladder out of the body

fallopian tubes

transports the egg from the ovary to the uterus


a pear shaped, muscular cavity about the size of a fist. found at the top of the vagina. where baby grows


where the uterus meets the vagina.


the releasing of the egg from the ovary


stores urine

menstrual cycle

a.k.a "period"
doesn't happen if egg is fertilized

premenstrual syndrome

mental and physical changes that occur based upon hormonal shifts.
ex: mood swings, head aches

menstrual cramps

cramp like pain that is caused by contractions of the uterus


to inability to reproduce

Pelvic Exam

annual examination by doctor to detect any problems with her reproductive system


cancer detecting exam


union of egg and sperm


fertilized egg is not in uterus


genetic material of the egg and sperm combined to form one cell


developing pregnancy at end of week eight

first trimester

3 months

second trimester

6 months

third trimester

9 months

pituitary gland

produces hormones that regulate growth and puberty

breech birth

baby that is born feet first

caesarean birth

c section


the sack


tying off the vas deferens

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