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Stroke Lesions: circulatory


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Lesion in ACA
Sensory: loss of sensation in LE
MOtor: apraxia, hemiplegia, impaired gait
emotion: flat affect, impulsive, confusion
Mentation: difficulty with divergent thinking
*urinary incontinence
Lesion in MCA
sensory: hemianesthesia affecting face and UE >LE
Motor: face & UE > LE; LE paresis in addition to face if striate arteries are involved
Vision: homonymous hemianopsia
emotions: R CVA - left hemi plegia, poor judgment, impulsve, easily distracted
L CVA - apraxia, compulsive, overly cautions
Mentation: aphasia, neglect dressing apraxia, dificulty with spatial relationships
Lesion PCA
Sensory: hemianesthesia
Motor: hemiparesis, pssible vertical gaze palsy, oculomotor nerve palsy, loss of medial deviaton of the eyes (preserved convergence),
Vision: homonymous hemianopsia, cortical blindness, hallucinations, lack of depth perception, impaired eye movts, visual agnosia
Mentation: memory loss
Other: thalamic syndrome (due to proximity) which is severe loss of somatosensation, slow pain sensation limbs may have vasomotor abnormalities
Basilar Artery lesion
Sensory: bilatearl sensory loss
Motor: tetraplegia, abducen nerve palsy, locked in syndrome, oculomotor nerve palsys, rigidity, paresis of tongue mm, lips, palate, pharynx
Vision/vestibular: vertigo, vomiting, nausea, nystagmus
Other: coma, pupil constriction