2-43 Marbles

2-43 Marbles
1. Ethan found a bag of marbles at the thrift shop. There were red, blue, and yellow marbles in the bag. He grabbed a handful of marbles and got 5 red marbles, 1 blue marble,and 6 yellow marbles. If Ethan put his marbles in a new bag and you picked one at random, which color would you most likely pick?

2. Amanda is making prize bags for Weird Contest Week. She has 55 prizes. She is going to put an equal number in each of 10 bags.She wants to put as many prizes in each bag as she possibly can. After she has filled 5 bags, what fraction of the prizes does she have left?

3. Luis is making a poster about the Navajo Code Talkers. His grandfather was a code talker. Luis took a handful of markers from a big box. He had 5 red markers,2 green markers, and 1 black marker. If Luis put his markers in a new box and you picked one at random, which color would he most likely not pick?

4. Sierra sat in a chair. The chair felt good. She read a book. It was a good book. The book had seven parts.Each part had ten pages. How many pages were in the book?

5. During June, twenty-two root beer floats were sold. During July, thirty-three were sold.In August, fifteen floats were sold. What is the range?

6. Ryan has 12 turtles. His turtles are very lazy. He fed his turtles today. Only 3/4 of them woke up to eat.How many turtles did not wake up to eat?

7. It was Lazy Day. Alexander said that he would do nothing. He would be still all day.He could not do that. After 89 minutes Alexander got up. It was hard to be still. Alexander was still for _____ hour and _____ minutes.

8. Elizabeth took a nap on Lazy Day. She went to sleep at 1:45 p.m. She slept for an hour and 32 minutes. What time did she wake up?

9. Tyler bought 3 red balloons. Each balloon cost 23 cents. How much did the balloons cost in all?

10. Kayla counted the balloons at the Sandcastle Day contest.There were 8 red, 2 purple, 7 blue, 6 orange, and 3 yellow. What is the range?

11. A pie shop sold 30 apple pies, 14 peach pies, and 19 pumpkin pies. How many pies did the shop sell in all?

12. What is 2,711 rounded to the nearest ten?

13. Scarlett collects stickers. Her collection contains 14 cat stickers, 29 butterfly stickers, and 11 flower stickers. How many stickers does she have in all?

14. Clay swam laps at the pool last weekend. He swam 10 laps of backstroke, 29 laps of freestyle, and 44 laps of butterfly. How many laps did Clay swim in all?

15. A rectangular street sign is 10 inches tall and 32 inches wide. What is its perimeter?

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