2-56 Beach

2-56 Beach
1. Christina went to the beach. She built 7 sandcastles. The waves washed 1 away. How many were left?

2. Isaac bought some Kool-Aid. Each package cost 15? If Isaac bought 8 packages, how much did he spend?

3. Grace has five red crayons, three blue crayons, and three green crayons. How many crayons does she have in all?

4. Kayla has 3 pairs of shoes. Her sister has 4 pairs of shoes. How many pairs do they have in all?

5. Hunter and John were very hot. Hunter drank two root beer floats. John drank five root beer floats! How many floats did they drink in all?

6. Megan had 23 rainbow stickers. She gave Stephanie some rainbow stickers. If Megan had 16 stickers left, how many stickers did she give to Stephanie?

7. Eric took 4 shirts to the thrift shop. Then he took 8 more shirts. How many shirts did he take in all?

8. Benjamin went to the store. He bought 5 red balloons. Each balloon cost 22 cents. How much did the balloons cost in all?

9. Tyler bought a box of dog biscuits. The box cost $1.20. He gave the storekeeper $2. How much change will he get back?

10. A gallon is the same as 4 quarts. How many cups are in a gallon? a) 1 b) 4 c) 8 d) 16

11. Brian has a box of dog biscuits. There are 30 biscuits in the box. There are 12 green and 10 brown biscuits. The other biscuits are white. How many biscuits are white?

12. Sarah went to the store. She bought a box of dog biscuits. There were thirty-one biscuits in the box. She gave her dog Marky two biscuits. She gave her dog Ginger one biscuit. Ginger is a little dog. She gave her dog Ace six biscuits. Ace is a very big dog! How many biscuits are left in the box?

13. There are 13 polar bears in the zoo. Another way to write that number is: ⓐ 1 + 3 ⓑ 13 tens ⓒ 1 ten and 3 ones=

14. Gary, the art teacher, needed some buttons for an art project. He went to the art store and bought 16 red buttons, 13 blue buttons, and 44 black buttons. How many buttons did Gary buy in all?

15. What is 268 rounded to the nearest hundred?

16. Tammy works at a women's clothing store. Yesterday, she noticed that all her customers wore pants or skirts: 15 customers wore pants and 6 customers wore skirts. How many customers did Tammy help yesterday? Write an addition sentence that fits the story.

17. Thomas made a new playlist with 683 songs. 81 of the songs are fast songs and the rest are slow. How many of the songs are slow songs?

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