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What do the vertebral arteries supply

The circle of willis

What does the internal carotid artery supply

The brain

What does the circle of willis supply

The brain

What does the humeral circumflex supply

The shoulder joint

What does the femoral circumflex supply

Upper thigh

What does the phrenic artery supply

The diaphragm

What does the adrenal arteries supply

The adrenal glands

What does the vertebral veins drain

Circle of willis

What does the cephalic vein drain

Drains the arm into the axillary vein

What does the basilic vein drain

Parts of the hand and forearm

What does the median cubital vein drain

Drains the upper limb

A wave of electrical activity that causes an contraction


A return to a resting state


State of rest

Resting membrane potential

What is the resting membrane potential

-90 mv

What do action potentials control

Both depolarizating and repolarization

When fibers will not contract till it hits a certain point


What does threshold force


What is cardiac cycle

Everything that occurs in one heart beat

What happens during the P wave

Atrial depolarization

What happens during the QRS complex

Ventricular depolarization which will hide the atrial repolarization

What happens during the T wave

Ventricular repolarization

What measures the pulse


Another name for a heart attack

Myocardial infarction

Cardiac tissue death

Gross necrosis

Abnormally high resing heart rate


Abnormally low resting heart rate


What is considered trachycardia

Anything above 100 bpm

What is considered brachycardia

Anything below 50 bpm

Ventricular/Atria contraction


Ventricular/Atria relaxation


Used to monitor the electrical activity occuring in the heart


What happens during the "lubb" portion of a heart beat

The AV valves will close

What happens during the "dupp" portion of a heart beat

Closing of the semilunar valves

Typical blood pressure`


Measures blood pressue


Hears the heartbeat


Sound of the blood

Korotkoff sound

Pacemaker of the heart

SA node

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