Julius Caesar

blank verse
an unrhymed iambic pentameter
characters who speak in blank verse
Brutus, Cassius, Caesar, Casca, Cicero, Antony (main characters; higher standard; more civilized)
characters who speak in prose
Flavius, Marullus, Cobbler, Cinna (minor characters; lower class characters; commoners)
what is a tradgedy?
fiction involving the downfall of a hero
what is a pun?
a joke exploiting the different possible meanings of a word
what is conflict (in general)?
the inherent incompatibility between the objectives of two or more charchters or forces
what are the external conflicts of the play?
-Caesar's side vs. Pompey's side
-Caesar vs. Cassius
-Caesar vs. tribunes (Marullus & Flavius)
what are the internal conflicts of the play?
Brutus vs. himself (his friendship with Caesar vs. his love for Rome)
what is a soliloquy?
an act of speaking one's thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers (example when Cassius is ranting about his plan to corrupt Brutus); expresses their thoughts alone to the audience
iambic meter
a series of unstressed syllables followed by stressed syllables
iambic pentameter
a common meter in poetry consisting of an unrhymmed line with five feet or accents, each foot containing one accented syllable and one unaccented syllable
figure of speech in which a term or phrase is applied to something to which it is not literally applicable in order to suggest a resemblence; comparisson between two things without using like or as
two unlike things are explicitly compared
what is a taper?
a candle
what is tyranny?
a government in which a single ruler is vested with absolute power
to avoid risk; to fear
one that is out of it's proper chronological order
a confused or intricate relationship of parts
artistic representation of an abstract quality or idea as a person
the use of words to express something different from and often opposite to their literal meaning
dramaic irony
the dramatic effect achieved by a speech to show an incongruity of which charachters in the play remain unaware
situational irony
an outcome that turns out to be very different from what was expected
verbal irony
what is said is the opposite of what is meant (sarcasm)
what is an aside?
the part of an actor's line supposedly no heard by otherson the stage; intended for only the audience
Which is NOT a reason Portia gives Brutus as to why he should trust her?
She has stood up to the followers of Caesar.
After Caesar refuses to accept the crown offered by Antony, what physical weakness of Caesar's is revealed to both the crowd and the readers?
Caesar has epilepsy
At the beginning of Act II, Brutus can't sleep because
he is upset that Caesar will be crowned king.
Lucius is
Brutus' servant
How do the conspirators plan on getting Caesar to attend the Senate meeting?
they use flattery to trick Caesar
How does Decius interperet Calphurnia's dream?
the blood is sustaining blood that will revive Rome's citizens
What is the purpose of the notes Cassius sent with Cinna at the end of Act I?
To convince Brutus to join the conspiracy.
What message does the Soothsayer give to Julius Caesar?
Beware the Ides of March
Casca is described by Cassius as
lazy yet witty
Why are the conspirators so eager to have Brutus join them?
the people hold Brutus in high regard
In order to prove her strength to Brutus, Portia does all of the following except
talks about how she helped in the war against Gaul (she talks about Brutus chosing her to be his wife, she stabs herself in the leg, etc.)
Who says, "When beggars die, there are no comets/seen;/The heavens themselves blaze forth the death of/princes"
Which character describes Caesar as "a serpent's egg," which should be "killed in the shell"?
What does Brutus mean when he says "Our course will seem too bloody, Caius Cassius,/To cut the head off and then hack the limbs,/Like wrath in death and envy afterwards;/For Antony is but a limb of Caesar." (II.i. 160-163)
Antony should not be killed as he is no threat to the conspirators
Why does Caesar want fat, sleek-headed men around him?
they are non-threatening and submissive
The Feast of Lupercal is
A feritility festival
Which of the following unusual scenes was NOT witnessed by Casca in scene III of Act I?
A serpent breathing fire in the marketplace.
When the conspirators arrive at Brutus' home, how are they dressed?
in dark cloaks
What does Brutus feel is the most important value in life?
According to Casca, how did Caesar react to being offered the crown three times?
He refused it three times but Casca could tell he wanted it.
Why do Flavius and Marullus demand that the decorations be removed from the statues in the opening scene?
They did not want the people to celebrate Caesar
What happens to Marullus and Flavius?
They are stripped of their tribuneship and are exiled/executed.
Who says, "O, he sits high in all the people's hearts;/And that which would appear offense in us,/His countenace, like richest alchemy,/Will change to virtue and to worthiness."
Who is Lepidus?
the third member of the 2nd Triumvirate
What is the best evidence that Shakespeare thinks mob mentality is dangerous?
he plebeians kill the wrong Cinna
Who says, "This is a slight unmeritable man, Meet to be sent on errands;" and who is it in reference to?
who says "The Ides of March are come." ?
who says "I grant I am a woman, but withal/A woman well reputed, Cato's daughter." ?
who says "And I am Brutus, Marcus Brutus I!"
who says "Why, man, he doth bestride the narrow world like Colossus; and we petty men Walk under his huge legs, and peep about To find ourselves dishonorable graves." ?
who says "Thou shalt see me at Philippi." ?
Caesar's ghost
who says "O pardon me, thou bleeding piece of earth, That I am meek and gentle with these butchers!'
who says "There is a tide in the affairs of men Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;"
Who says, "Stoop, Romans, stoop, And let us bathe our hands in Caesar's blood Up to the elbows. . ."
What does the quote mean?: "Men at some time are masters of their fates:
The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings."
man determines his own destiny
at the funeral, Antony reads
a document that is supposedly Caesar's will
an orator is
someone good at public speaking
What does Calpurnia reveal in these lines, "The heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes?"
she is fearful that dreams and events are foretelling Caesar's death
She is haunted by dreams of bleeding statues.
Calphurnia (Caesar's wife)
Before the battle of Phillipi he sees two eagles from the sky, and he starts to believe that this could be an omen foreshadowing his death.
He is the first to stab Caesar
he tells Caesar to beware the ides of March
By reinterpreting Calpurnia's dream he convinces Caesar to go to the Senate.
He turns the plebeians against Brutus through subtle speech.
He was indebted to Cassius because Cassius once saved his life
He says, "Let's be sacrificers, but not butchers," which sums up his attitude about how the plot should be handled.
She begs her husband to trust her with information about his plan.
Portia (Brutus' wife)
Who says, "But I am constant as the Northern star."?
He is killed because of mistaken identity.
Which set of characters traits best describes Brutus?
noble, naïve, idealistic
In his oration, Antony refers to the conspirators repeatedly as
honorable men
He tells Caesar the other Senators will think he is weak if Caesar does not go to the Senate.
Brutus acceptance of the message, "To tell thee thou shalt see me at Philippi" shows that...
he is ready to be tested by battle
In addressing the crowd, Brutus appeals primarily to the crowd's...
Logic and reason
Most of the lines of Julius Caesar are written in
iambic pentameter
What is the best evidence that Shakespeare thinks politicians and rhetoric can be dangerous?
Antony's "double speak" at Caesar's funeral speech
Why does Cassius kill himself?
he thinks he sent Titinius to his death
Who says, "Did this in Caesar seem ambitious?"
What does Lucilius do for Brutus?
he pretends to be Brutus and gets captured
By the end of play, what is happening to Cassius' personality?
he softens somewhat toward his friends
Who says, "'Et Tu...Brute?'"
Which line best supports Caesar's attitude of bravery and stubbornness?
"I spurn thee like a cur out of my way. / Know, Caesar doth not wrong."
" Fear him not Caesar, he's not dangerous/He is a noble Roman, and well given."
Which is a way that Caesar is NOT warned about his death?
Decius' interpretation of the dream
Brutus feels a conflict between his...
love for Caesar and Love for Rome
Brutus joins the conspiracy because...
he fears that Caesar will become a tyrant.
What does Caesar mean when he says ". . .I am constant as the northern star, Of whose true-fixed and resting quality. There is no fellow in the firmament."
I am unlike other men: while they are fickle, I am firm.