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  1. Infant/ child rescue breathing
  2. conscious choking - infant
  3. Respiratory distress
  4. Reasons for head tilt/chin lift
  5. Vomiting Victim
  1. a to open the airway just far enough to let breaths go in
  2. b give 5 back-blows with the infant sandwiched between forearms, turnover and give 5 chest thrusts
  3. c agitation, slow or fast breathing, drowsiness, noisy breathing, discolored skins, altered level of consciousness, increased heart rate
  4. d roll on side, avoid twisting neck, wipe mouth clean up and roll back over and continue
  5. e 1 breath every 3 seconds recheck at 2mins

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  1. 1 second
  2. 1. Interview the victim and bystanders 2. check the victim from head to toe
  3. open the airway, look, listen and feel for air
  4. provide 2 min of care then call 911 when: uncon. victim under 12 or victim drowning
  5. 1. recognize that an emergency exists 2. decide to act 3. take action by calling 911 4. giving care until help arrives

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  1. Reasons to Give slow breathsto avoid forcing air into stomach


  2. the 3 C's1 or 2 hands in center of chest - compression 1-1 1/2 inches -30 compression 2 breaths


  3. Preventing disease transmissionpersonal hygiene, protective equipment


  4. moving the victimonly move a victim if the scene is or becomes unsafe, if must move don't cause the victim more harm


  5. Check for consciousnesstap and ask "are you ok?