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  1. Respiratory distress
  2. Bystanders Help
  3. Infant CPR
  4. the 3 C's
  5. Child CPR
  1. a 2 or 3 fingers -compressions 1/2-1 inch - 30 compressions 2 breaths
  2. b agitation, slow or fast breathing, drowsiness, noisy breathing, discolored skins, altered level of consciousness, increased heart rate
  3. c Check Call Care
  4. d call 911, meet and direct traffic, help give first aid, send for supplies, information about situation
  5. e 1 or 2 hands in center of chest - compression 1-1 1/2 inches -30 compression 2 breaths

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  1. from a conscious victim, parent or guardian if underage, implied consent if unconscious
  2. open the airway, look, listen and feel for air
  3. only move a victim if the scene is or becomes unsafe, if must move don't cause the victim more harm
  4. uncertainty of victim, nature of the injury, fear of disease transmission, fear of doing something wrong
  5. Early recognition, early CPR, early defibrillation, early advanced medical care

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  1. Reasons to Give slow breathsto avoid forcing air into stomach


  2. length of rescue breath1 breath every 3 seconds recheck at 2mins


  3. Stop Giving Careif the scene becomes unsafe, the victim shows signs of life, another trained rescuer takes over, you are to exhausted to continue.


  4. checking an adult or child for non-life-threatening conditions1. Interview the victim and bystanders 2. check the victim from head to toe


  5. Infant/ child rescue breathing1 breath every 3 seconds recheck at 2mins


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