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  1. Barriers to action
  2. Infant/ child rescue breathing
  3. Consent from who
  4. Consent- tell them
  5. Vomiting Victim
  1. a roll on side, avoid twisting neck, wipe mouth clean up and roll back over and continue
  2. b 1 breath every 3 seconds recheck at 2mins
  3. c from a conscious victim, parent or guardian if underage, implied consent if unconscious
  4. d 1. who you are 2. your level of training 3. the care you would like to give
  5. e uncertainty of victim, nature of the injury, fear of disease transmission, fear of doing something wrong

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  1. 1 second
  2. Check Call Care
  3. to open the airway just far enough to let breaths go in
  4. personal hygiene, protective equipment
  5. 5 back blows with 5 abdominal thrusts

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  1. conscious choking - infantgive 5 back-blows with the infant sandwiched between forearms, turnover and give 5 chest thrusts


  2. Life-Threatening conditionair in the stomach that makes the victim vomit


  3. Call 911 when alone 2ndprovide 2 min of care then call 911 when: uncon. victim under 12 or victim drowning


  4. Gastric distentionair in the stomach that makes the victim vomit


  5. Reasons to Give slow breaths1 second