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How do you treat an abdominal contusion?

Slow their breathing: In through nose out through mouth, paperbag, ice if necessary.

what is the MOI for an abdominal strain?


how do you treat an abdominal strain?

rest, ice, anti-inflammatory, gentle passive stretch

what is the probable theory for a stitch in the side?


what results from a blow to the solar plexus?

upper-abdominal contusion, wind knocked out of you

on field management for an athlete that received a blow to the solar plexus

slow breathing, evaluate for FX

What is the MOI and treatment for a rib contusion?

Direct Blow, RICE

What is the MOI for a rib FX?

Pinned between 2 objects Treat: xray, sling, reduce

what is the special test for a rib fx?

Thoracic compression test

What will a result of the thoracic compression test be?

Pin point pain

Where are the ribs going to hurt with a fx?

on the side

where are the ribs going to hurt with a separation?

on the front (cartilage)

treatment for rib fx or separation?

self sling--refer to doctor

how do you treat an athlete with testicular trauma?

sit them down, stand behind, drop them on butt a few times

what signs will the athlete check for that may indicate a serious testicular inj?

1. In the right spot 2. same size 3. bloody urine

Describe: Kyphosis

excessive outward curvature of the spine creating a hunchback

Describe Lordosis

excessive inward curvature of the spine creating a swayback

Describe Flatback

Lack of curvature of the spine

Describe Scoliosis

Lateral curvature of the spine

True leg discrepancy test

ASIC to medial malleolus

apparent leg discrepancy test

belly button to medial malleolus

straight leg raise test

(you raise their leg) Shooting pain (back) on SAME side= Sciatic Nerve Damage

well leg raise test

(you raise) pain in back on OPPOSITE side =Herniated Disk

Hoover's Test

Malingers Test/Fakers Test. Ask them to resist you pushing on leg, if well leg doesn't push up they are faking

Kernig Test

Hands behind head--stretch--recreates back pain

Milgram Test

Hold feet 2 inches off of table--tests abdominal failure

Val Salva Test

sit them like they're pooping (position of back) Tests Intrathecal Pressure

Beevor's Sign Test

have them do a 1/2 sit up (with belly showing) and check for belly button movement--Quadrant Failure

What is the function of the Lumbar region

transports cuada equina (nerve endings in butt), provides mobility, transfers weight

what is the MOI for a lumbar strain?

Lifting or twisting

Name and describe the 2 phases of visual observation of the lumbar region

Static (posture) Kinetic (motion)

what are ways to prevent lumbar inj?

strengthen back and abs and learn proper lifting tech.

what is the MOI and treatment for a cervical strain?

whiplash--ice and neckbrace

what is the MOI for a stinger/burner?

lateral flexion with shoulder depression

how do you treat a stinger?

wait for it to run its course

what is the MOI for a cervical fx/dislocation/subluxation?

axial blow

what are the signs and symptoms of a cervical inj?

unconscious or limp

what is the on field care for a cervical inj?

palpate along spinal column, call 911

Define: Conscious


Define: Lethargic

tired, nodding off, drowsy but still responsive

Define: Stuporous

A form of sleep, almost unconscious but still responsive to certain things

Define: Unconscious

Unresponsive to sound but body pain responsive

Define: Coma

Inability to respond to any stimulus

What is the MOI for a concussion?

blow to the head

what are the signs and symptoms for a concussion?

balance issues, vomit, sleepy, knocked out

Name and describe the special test for concussions

Rhomburg's Test: Tilt head back--see if they lose balance PEARL!

how do you treat epistaxis? on back of neck

what are the grades of a concussion?

1. No loss of consciousness 2. brief loss (less than 30 sec) 3. more than 30 secs of unconsciousness

what are the different types of eye injuries?

debris in eye, subconjuctional hematoma, blown pupil

how do you treat a tooth that has been knocked out?

put it back in mouth, dairy product, save a tooth solution...GRAB BY ENAMEL

what is the MOI of a hematoma auras and how do you treat it?

direct blow to the ear (cauliflower ear) Treat: Aspirate (drain)


Pupils Even And Reactive (to) Light

name the 2 types of seizures

Grand Mal: violent, uncontrollable shaking
Petite Mal: similar to starring off

Hey Lindsey you little sweet heart

This is brian

Brian says...

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Don't laugh

I told you not to laugh

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