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Another term for Adolf Hitler

der fuehrer

Before WWII started, the Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain gave in to Germany's aggressive policies. The practice of not punishing became known as


Group of soldiers made up of second-generation Japanese-American

nisei battalions

City were the rials were held to determine guilt of those who participated in the genocide of the Jews


After the allies were able to capture the islands of __ & Okinawa, we were able to bomb the country of Japan directly

Iwa Jima

This German general of the North African theater of war was nicknamed the "Desert Fox"


Foreign policy of the US, that tried to keep us out of European conflicts.


The last major offensive by the Germans of WWII.

battle of the bulge

Japanese for "Divine Wind"


When Germany invaded the Sudetenland, he was quoted as needing room to live


June 6 1944 this day is d-day where did the allies land_________


Before invading Italy the allies staged the forces on the island of_________


German term for "lightning war"___________


This person was a leader of a fascist group known as the Nazis_______


December 7, 1941 this date marks the Japanese attack on which military base___________

pearl harbor

The German air force_________


Congressional law that made conscription mandatory_________

selective service

The belief that a persons country is superior to others_______________


In a fascist society the government assumes ownership of key industries what type of economy is this_________


During ww2 the soviet union had a command economy where the government owned virtually all aspects of industry. What term describes this economic system__________


Japanese city that was first to be devastated by the atomic bomb____________


Code name for the American project to develop the atomic bomb_________


The German government officially considered which race to be superior to others________


Government agency responsible for turning our economy from "guns to butter" during ww2___________

war production board

He was president of the U.S. at the end of WW2__________


This person was the leader of a fascist group known as the black shirts____________


He was the leader of great Britain during WW2________


Term describing the practice of dimming lights to make it more difficult for enemy bombers to find a city___________


President of the U.S when America entered ww2___________-


He was the leader of the USSR during WW2___________


A Japanese pilot who flew a suicide mission to destroy allied naval ships___________


Early in ww2 Germany signed a non-aggression pact with which country__________

soviet union

Germanys invasion of the country of __________ is considered the beginning of WW2


Belief that the Jewish population was inferior__________


Ww2 naval hero credited with the successful strategy of island hopping in the pacific theatre of war________


The three nations that made up the tri-partite pact are Germany, Japan, and _____________


Another term for Benito Mussolini__________

il duce

before ww2 germany stopped payments of reparations, raised an offensive military attack, entered alloies & captured foreign lands through aggresstion. all of the violate what aggrement?________

treaty of versailles

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