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Latin Verse- Aeneid (16) 2012

Hic verto victus genitor se tollit ad auras adfaturque deos et sanctum sidus adorat.
At this point, indeed, my father, having been defeated, lifted himself up to the air and addressed the gods and worshiped the holy star.
"Iam iam nulla mora est; sequor et qua ducitis adsum, di patrii; servate domum, servate nepotem.
"Now, now, there is no delay, I am following and wherever you lead, that's where I am; gods of my ancestors, protect our household, protect my grandson.
Vestrum hoc augurium, vestroque in numine Troia est.
This omen is yours and Troy is in your power.
Cedo equidem nec, nate, tibi comes ire recuso."
I give in truly and, my son, I do not refuse to go with you as your companion."
Dixerat ille; et iam per moenia clarior ignis auditur, propiusque aestus incendia volvunt.
He had spoken; and now throughout the city, fire was heard more clearly and the flames rolled the seething heat ever closer.