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10 terms

Civics- Chapters 2

end of year exam review for chapter 2
a form of government in which all or most of the power is in the hands of one individual (such as a Queen)
citizen (definition one)
a person with certain rights and duties under a government
a government controlled by one person, called a dictator, who usually takes power by force, rather than by inheriting it
citizen (definition two)
a person who by birth or by choice owes allegiance, or loyalty, to a nation
a system of government in which the power is shared by all the people
the most basic social institution in any society
blended family
a family made up of adults and children from previous marriages
a system for producing and distributing goods and services to fulfill people's wants
a person who uses, or consumes, goods and services
a place or situation in which an exchange of goods or services takes place (such as a store or shop).