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Final exam review questions


reverence to noun in history


ties symbol to the theme


Turning point in story

gothic novel

story with mystery and supernatural horror

dues ex machina

at the end


when what actually occurs is the opposite of what is expected


similarity between two directions, tendencies, or characters


very talkative


sap the strength of; weaken


to cheat or deceive, usually through charm; also, to amuse or charm


quiet; of few words; terse


pushy; obnoxiously self-assertive


to make better, improve


a lie; a false statement


persistent; diligent; attentive to detail


admit reluctantly; yield


god that gave fire to humans against Zeus; will

Robert Walton

man the Frankenstein meets and tells his story to. He is writing letters to his sister about his journey to the North Pole.

Margaret Saville

Walton's sister

Victor Frankenstein

the protagonist and narrator of the majority of the story. He is telling his story to Walton. He creates a monster out of dead body parts

Alphonse Frankenstein

Victor's father; kind towards his son and tries to cheer him up

Caroline Frankenstein

Victor's mother; dies after takes care of Elizabeth while Elizabeth has the scarlet fever.

Elizabeth Lavenza/Frankenstein

Victor's adopted cousin that he marries

Ernest Frankenstein

Victor's youngest brother; only one that survives at the end

William Frankenstein

Victor's younger brother that is the first to be killed by the creature

Henry Clerval

Victor's best friend; nurses him back to health after Victor creates the monster, but the monster later kills Henry

Justine Moritiz

young girl adopted into the Frankenstein household while Victor grew up; She is blamed and executed for William's murder, which was actually committed by the creature

The creature

eight-foot-tall, ugly creation of Victor; tries to be a human, but people are scared ofhim, so he turns to murder to get revenge against his creator

The DeLaceys (Oldman, felix, Agatha, Safie)

family of peasants that the creature watches to learn how to speak and interact with others; he reveals himself for friendship but instead gets a beating


the protagonist that tries to build a civilization


chubby, whiny, and intelligent young boy that stays by Ralph's side


shy, sensitive boy that does not do much wrong


sadistic and cruel boy who helps Jack out


twins treated as one person; first to see "beast from the air?"


military person that jumped out of his plane and died, leaving his dead body to roam the island


little boys on the island that are not known to be able to do much


one of the smallest boys; repeats his name and address, but later forgets it, symbolizing the lacking of domestic impulse

When Ralph is elected chief how does Jack react?

Jack is very upset, but pretends he isn't

How does the signal fire get started? By whom?

Piggy's glasses; Ralph

Simon's response to the idea of a beast

The beast lies within people

What does Simon's death represent

sacrifice and loss of innocence

Why does Jack impale the sow's head on a stick

to please the beast


represents a sense of security, hope, power, then a weapon

Piggy's glasses

represents a tool for rescue, tool to see, sciencd and technology

what is the sign that "came down from the world of grownups?"

parachutist that jumped out of the plane

What is dramatic irony?

when readers know more than characters

Why is Piggy not afraid of Jack?

He believes Ralph will protect him

What does is symbolize when the conch breaks?

the loss of civilization

What is ironic about the end when they are rescued?

Jack never wanted to be rescued, but he starts the fire that gets them rescued

What happened to Justine?

she was accused of William's murder and hung

Why does Frankenstein tell his story to Walton?

He wants Walton to learn from his mistakes

Victor feels responsible for these people's death

William, Justine, Henry, and Elizabeth

Why did Mary Shelly write Frankenstein?

To explain the dangers of becoming obsessed with one goal in life

What was Victor studying while in school?

natural science and anatomy

What does Henry study?

languages and cultures

Why does the creature tell his story to Victor?

he is trying to get sympathy

dynamic characters in Frankenstein

victor and the creature

Turning point in Frankenstein

Elizabeth's death

Why does Walton send letters to is his sister?

He is lonely; he feels he is above his crew

Why does Victor start hunting the creature?

he has nothing else to live for

why does the creature leave clues to his location?

he wants Victor to follow him; he wants to spend the rest of his life becoming friends with Victor

Why is the creature heading north?

the less people there are in a place, the more likely Victor and him will become close

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