15 terms

american foreign policy

economic and political domination of a strong nation over other weaker ones
hawaii and annextaion
proposed 3x; annexed on the the 3rd time
bloodless coup
overthrow of gov. by lorrin thurstin
uss main
yellow journalism
fake info of war; writers: wiliam randolph and joseph pulitzer
spanish-american war
bitween phillipeans and cuba
s-a war fought?
us took cuba, phil, and pr, guam
the platt amendment
made sure cuba reamined tied with/ US
roosevelt corollary to monroe doctrine
added to manroe doctorine by sayin usa would protect and regulate the latin am countrie w/o interference w/ euro power
china open-door policy
intro by tr to keep china's markets open
panamanian independence
reolvt: colombian army bribed not to interfere. soldiers not allowed to acess am something fleet sailing off coast. us recognized proposal of panama early
the great white fleet
ships sent around the world to show power
dollar diplomacy
sought to use economics strength to garinte us national security and economic interest.
importance of powerful navy
large fleets to trade with world. protect merchant ships and right to trade bases for overseas
publishers of yellow jounralism
ny journal and ny would compete