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Constitution Test ( Juditial Branch)

Hi me again! This is the third part to the constitution test and it's the Juditial Brach! Enjoy!
( No Definition just answer) NONE!!!!!!!!!!
Life until Impeachment & Resignition & Death
How do he/ she get job?
He/ She is picked by the Presiden and approved by the Senate
(this is the types of Federal Courts) District
(This is the Purpose) Every state has at least one. This is where all cases begin.
Court of Appeals/Circut
Today there are 13 circut courts. If someone is not satisfied with a decision made by the district court, he/she can go to this court
Surpreme Court!
There is one surpreme court with 9 justices. It is the highest court of our country and usually deals with cases involving a possible violation of the constitution.