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Actinic Keratosis

A premalignant warty lesion occurring on the sun-exposed skin of the face or hands in aged light-skinned people.


Infections skin disease commonly occurring in children; caused by group A streptococci of Staphylococcus.

Basal Cell Carcinoma

A slow growing malignant neoplasm

Benign Lesion

A tumor that does not form metastases, and does not invade and destroy adjacent normal tissue.


A process of removing tissue from a patient for macroscopic diagnostic examination.

Congenital Nevus

A melanocytic nevus that is visible at birth, is often larger than an acquired nevus.

Contact Dermatitis

Acute or chronic dermatitis caused by initial irritant effect of a substance that comes in contact with the skin.


Removal of foreign materials, necrotic matter, and devitalized tissue from a wound or burn.

Decubitus Ulcer

Focal ischemis necrosis of skin and underlying tissues at sites of constant pressure or recurring friction.


Procedure used to remove acne scars or pits, performed with sandpaper or other abrasive materials.


A slowly-growing, benign skin nodule consisting of poorly demarcated cellular fibrous tissue.


A physician who specializes in diagnosing and treating cutaneous and related systemic diseases.


An instrument for cutting thin slices of skin for grafting or excising small lesions.


Directly below the epidermis, the dermis is the second layer of the skin.

Dysplastic Nevus

Cutaneous pigmented lesions with notched, irregular borders, considered pre-malignant.


The outer layer of the skin.


A thick, crusty covering or slough that develops after thermal or chemical burn or cauterization of the skin.


Excessive development of the male mammary glands.


A contagious superficial pyoderma, caused by Staph or group A Strep.

Intradermal Nevus

A nevus in which nests of melanocytes are found in the dermis, but not at the epidermaldermal junction.


A nodule, firm, often linear mass of hyper-plastic, thick scar tissue.


Any disease caused by a fungus.


Pathologic death of one or more cells, or of a portion of tissue or organ, resulting from irreversible damage.


A circumscribed malformation of the skin, especially one that is colored by hyperpigmentation.

Pilonidal Cyst

Hair-containing cyst or sinus in the tissues of the sacrococcygeal area.


Relating to itching


A common inherited condition characterized by the eruption of reddish, silvery-scaled maculopapules.

Sebaceous Cyst

A common cyst of the skin and sucutis containing sebum and keratin.


Over activity of the sebaceous gland, resulting in an excessive amount of sebum.


tearing; separation and removal of nail plate


tying of small vessels

complex wound closure

involving extensive debridement, extensive undermining, stents or retention sutures and more than layered closure


cleaning and removing skin or tissue from the wound until normal healthy tissue is exposed

recipient site

area of defect that receives a graft

donor site

area from which the healthy site receives a graft

split-thickness graft

epidermis and part of the dermis

full-thickness graft

epidermis and all of the dermis

pinch graft

a small, split-thickness


grafts that are taken from the patient's own body


grafts taken from a human donor

pedicle flap

end of a flap that remains connected to the donor area

chemical peels/chemexfoliation

treatments in which a chemical is applied to the skin then removed


removal of the bone that underlies the ulcer area


a procedure in which the physician cuts through the dead skin that covers the surface when there is a full-thickness burn.

Mohs Surgery

a procedure that is named after physician who pioneered the basic microscopic technique

partial mastectomy

a procedure where only a portion of the breast tissue is removed

Radical mastectomy

procedure where the entire breast is removed in addition to the pectoral muscles and axillary lymph nodes


localized collection of pus that will result in the disintegration of tissue over time


transplantation between individuals who are not of the same genotype


graft from self


surgically cutting into


used to describe a cancerous tumor that grows worse over time


horizontal or transverse removal of dermal or epidermis lesions, without full-thickness excision.


tissue below the dermis, primarily fat cells that insulate the body.

Wound repair/simple

one-layered closure


a graft that is from the same species, but different genetically


an abnormality

Axillary nodes

lymph nodes located in the armpit


destruction of lesions using extreme cold


killing of tissue by means of cryocautery, laser, chemicals, or other means


is a a full-thickness removal of a lesion that may include simple closure

Incision & Drainage (I&D)

to cut and withdraw fluid

Skin graft

transplantation of skin tissue


to unite parts by stitching then together

Complex wound repair

involves complicated wound closure, including revision, debridement, extensive undermining, and more than layered closure

Intermediate wound repair

requires closure of one or more subcutaneous tissues and superficial fascia, in addition to the skin closure


not progressive


destruction of a lesion by the use of electric current radiated through a needle.


binding or tying off, as to constrict the blood flow of a vessel

punch biopsy

use of a small hollow instrument to puncture a lesion

Soft tissue

tissues (fascia, connective tissue, muscle, etc.)

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