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butterfly effect

the phenomenon that says a small change has large potential power


a group of people that are in the same age group/generation


frontal area of the brain

longitudinal research

the best method for studying people's development over long periods of time

to offer solutions

The purpose of developmental theories is NOT

cognitive theory

focuses on the structure/development of an individual's thought process


reinterpreting new experiences so that they fit into our old/current ideas


radically changing old/current ideas based on new experiences

epigenetic systems theory

developmental theory that emphasizes the interaction of genes and the environment

sociocultural theory

the theory based on society & culture


the molecular basis of heredity which is constructed as a double helix

23 pairs

how many chromosomes are in a regular human cell?




the teratogen that slows growth


study of the factors involved in birth defects

prenatal period

the critical period in which behavioral teratogens are most susceptible to affect the brain and spinal cord

apgar scale

Evaluates infant on heart rate, respiratory condition, muscle tone, reflexes, and color

head sparing

Biological protection of the brain. The brain will suffer last


feelings of inadequacy in young mothers leads to

7 pounds

the average North American newborn weighs about


by age 2 body weight averages _ of adult weight


by age 2 body length ranges about _ of adult weight


process by which under used neurons are inactivated

fine tuning

process of the brain that implies stimulation help neural connections develop


involuntary response to a stimulus

same motor skills

same sequence

4 & 30 inches away (20/400)

infants focus most readily on objects _ away


an opportunity for perception and interaction that is offered by a person, place, or object in the environment

visual cliff

an apparent, but not actual, drop between surfaces


the newborns first sensory motor activities are


one word sentences to express a thought


first emotion displayed by infants

trust vs mistrust

infants first task


temperament is

strange situation

measures how a child responds to separations and reunions with a caregiver

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