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what term represents the subjective interpretation of meaning of symptoms


what term represents the pathological process impairing body functions associated with signs and symptoms


what term represents the response to symptoms and the seeking of symtom relief like taking motrin for a headache

illness behavior

what is the maladaptive way of percieving, evaluating, and acting in relatino to ones health status persisting despite accurate explanation of symptoms and appropritate course of treatment

abnormal illness behavior

are illness and disease the same


what term represents experienceing, communicating, and amplifying psychological and interpersonal distress in form of medicaly unexplained symptoms


when dealing with a somatic complaint what are the first 2 components to evaluate

general medical condition
medically unexplained symptoms

in the health questionaire screeening for somatoform disorders how many symptoms must the patient have in order to be classified by a somatoform disorder


are the symptoms in a somatoform disorder intentionally falsified


what is the term for when a patient has the signs and symptoms of a medical disorder but there is not realy one

somatoform disorder

what term represents the excessive preoccupation with imagined defects or silght anomaly in appearance

body dysmorphic disorder

people with body dysmorphic disorder often seek the services of what professionals

plastic surgeons

what sex and relationship status are more likely to have body dysmorphic disorder


what are some of the treatment methods for body dysmorphic disorder

avoid procedural interventions
reassure that defect is minimal/non existent
pharmacotherapy as needed

which somatoform disorder involves the loss of moror and sensory function with no medical explanation

conversion disorder

around what ages does body dysmorphic disorder begin


around what age group does conversion disorder set in


in what sex, population, and education level is conversion disorder prominent

rural population
low education

what is the best way to treat conversion disorder

pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy

which somatoform disorder can be related to michael jackson and his many nose surgeries

body dysmorphic disorder

which somatoform disorder involves excessive preoccupation with fear of contracting or belief of having a serious disease based on misterpretation of symptoms


how long does the preoccupation last in the hypochondriasis

6 months

in which sex is hypochondriasis more common

equal in both sexes

what are the treatment methods for hypochondriasis

frequent regularly schedulaed physical exams

which somatoform disorder involves substantial pain from an unaccunted medical or neurological conditon

pain disorder

at what age range does hypochondriasis occur


in what sex and type of occupation does the pain disorder come most in

blue collar

at what age range does pain disorder set in


in the somatoform disorder involving pain disorder should you minimize or maximize analgesics and sedatives


which somatoform disorder involves physical complaint beginning before 30 continuing over several years with no medical explanation

somatization disorder

what term represents the false belief of pregnancy in somatoform disorders


in somatization disorders are suicide threats common? are they often completed


when treating somatoform disorders should you aim to manage or cure


which somatoform disorder involves multiple physical complaints causing impairment characterized by physical compalints abd hypochondriachal symptoms for less than 6 months

somatoform disorder NOS

which somatoform disorder involves intentiional exageration of falsification of symptoms with the goal of gaining attention by being sick

factitious disorder

in which sex is factitious disorder more common in


which somatoform disorder involves legal rather than medical or psychiatric issue


expalin when the somatoform disorder malingering is considered adaptive

when captured in war

which somatoform disorder involves the goal of a secondary gain like avoiding prison, free room and board


which sex is malingering more common in


which somatoform disorder is associated with seizures and ther after effects

conversion disorder

which somatoform disorder is associated with milary men and prisoners


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