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  1. pedestal
  2. cupid
  3. sarcastic
  4. abrasion
  5. sari
  1. a sneering or cutting remark
  2. b scraped or worn by friction
  3. c figure of a winged child used as a symbol of love
  4. d garment of Hindu women that is wrapped around the body, made of cotton or silk
  5. e a stand for displaying a statue

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  1. genuineness, reliability (reliable)
  2. pounding, beating
  3. close acquaintance, knowledge, intimacy
  4. sense of right and wrong
  5. a false signature, punishable by law

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  1. righteousdoing right, behaving justly, virtuous


  2. heroinegenerous giving to the poor, sick, or helpless people


  3. sternlyof a serious, grave or earnest nature, somber


  4. pauperfigure of a winged child used as a symbol of love


  5. telepathymental messages