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  1. humility
  2. sari
  3. elegant
  4. telepathy
  5. muzzle
  1. a garment of Hindu women that is wrapped around the body, made of cotton or silk
  2. b modesty, state of being humble
  3. c mental messages
  4. d having or showing good taste; gracefully and richly refined, beautifully luxurious
  5. e to keep silent about something, prevent one from expressing views

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  1. any of the kings of ancient Egypt
  2. strong feelings of any kind, -- joy, grief, fear, hate, love, anger, excitement
  3. of a serious, grave or earnest nature, somber
  4. a public sale in which each thing is sold to the person who offers the most money for it
  5. find out by adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing/compute

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  1. righteousdoing right, behaving justly, virtuous


  2. consensusgeneral agreement, opinion of most of the people consulted


  3. mastabaEgyptian tomb


  4. familiarityclose acquaintance, knowledge, intimacy


  5. chandeliera branched fixture for lights, usually hanging from the ceiling