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  1. throbbing
  2. muzzle
  3. telepathy
  4. pauper
  5. righteous
  1. a mental messages
  2. b a very poor person, person supported by charity or public welfare
  3. c to keep silent about something, prevent one from expressing views
  4. d doing right, behaving justly, virtuous
  5. e pounding, beating

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  1. woman/girl hero/ the most important female person in a play, story, movie
  2. strong feelings of any kind, -- joy, grief, fear, hate, love, anger, excitement
  3. harshly, seriously, strict
  4. person is not a Christian, Jew or Moslem; one who worships many gods or no gods
  5. scraped or worn by friction

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  1. calculatehaving or showing good taste; gracefully and richly refined, beautifully luxurious


  2. authenticitymodesty, state of being humble


  3. pharaohany of the kings of ancient Egypt


  4. sarigenerous giving to the poor, sick, or helpless people


  5. dismala stand for displaying a statue