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  1. consensus
  2. dismal
  3. chandelier
  4. cupid
  5. abrasion
  1. a a branched fixture for lights, usually hanging from the ceiling
  2. b figure of a winged child used as a symbol of love
  3. c dark, gloomy, dreary
  4. d general agreement, opinion of most of the people consulted
  5. e scraped or worn by friction

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  1. woman/girl hero/ the most important female person in a play, story, movie
  2. sense of right and wrong
  3. generous giving to the poor, sick, or helpless people
  4. to keep silent about something, prevent one from expressing views
  5. having or showing good taste; gracefully and richly refined, beautifully luxurious

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  1. humilityclose acquaintance, knowledge, intimacy


  2. mastabadark, gloomy, dreary


  3. authenticitygenuineness, reliability (reliable)


  4. sarcasticgarment of Hindu women that is wrapped around the body, made of cotton or silk


  5. familiarityclose acquaintance, knowledge, intimacy


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