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  1. sarcastic
  2. elegant
  3. pharaoh
  4. solemn
  5. counterfeit
  1. a of a serious, grave or earnest nature, somber
  2. b sneering or cutting remark
  3. c copy in order to deceive, forge/false
  4. d having or showing good taste; gracefully and richly refined, beautifully luxurious
  5. e any of the kings of ancient Egypt

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  1. harshly, seriously, strict
  2. dark, gloomy, dreary
  3. generous giving to the poor, sick, or helpless people
  4. woman/girl hero/ the most important female person in a play, story, movie
  5. a public sale in which each thing is sold to the person who offers the most money for it

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  1. muzzlefigure of a winged child used as a symbol of love


  2. chandeliera branched fixture for lights, usually hanging from the ceiling


  3. authenticitymodesty, state of being humble


  4. emotionsstrong feelings of any kind, -- joy, grief, fear, hate, love, anger, excitement


  5. pedestala stand for displaying a statue