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ⓐ Sierra counted 38 parents at the picnic. Ann counted 10 more than Sierra. How many parents did Ann count?

ⓑ Joshua bought a plant for his mother. It cost $4.30. He gave the clerk $5. How much change did he get?

ⓒ Kaitlyn gave 32 books to her friends. What number comes just before 32?

ⓓ Luis planted an oak tree in his yard. It was 2 feet tall. It grew and grew. One year later the tree was 5 feet tall. How many feet did the tree grow in one year?

ⓔ Devin has 15 Lincoln pennies. Austin has 16 Lincoln pennies. Fill in the blanks. _____ is greater than _____

ⓕ Hailey bought some seeds. She planted them in pots. They grew into corn plants. There were five plants. Each plant had four ears of corn on it. How many ears of corn were there in all?

Choose the larger number in each set.
ⓖ 8 tens and 8 ones, 7 tens and 5 onesⓗ 8 tens and 2 ones, 66 81 or 7 tens,
ⓘ 8 ones 0 tens and 4 ones , 4 tens and 6 ones ⓙ 9 tens and 7 ones, 3 tens and 2 ones
ⓚ 1 ten and 0 ones, 25 91, 6 tens and 9 ones ⓛ 5 tens and 4 ones, 3 ones

Order each group of numbers from largest to smallest.
ⓝ 8, 14, 36, 24 ⓞ2, 43, 45, 50 ⓟ34, 41, 0, 18

ⓠ Miles held a garage sale and sold a combined total of 3 toys and books. He sold 1 toy. How many books did he sell?

ⓡ About how long does it take to ride a ferris wheel? (15 minutes;15 weeks;15 months)

ⓢ What is the range?( 6 5 7 2 4 1)

ⓣ Carly spends 2 pennies on a plastic straw. Michelle buys a fancy ribbon for 1 quarter. How much money do they spend in all?

ⓤ Anna has 4 pennies. Jenny has 2 dimes. How much money do they have in all?

ⓥ Carlos spends 1 penny on a gumball, then Liam spends 2 dimes on a peanut butter cup. How much money do they spend in all?

ⓦ Christopher has 7 crayons in all different colors. Lia has more crayons than Christopher does. How many crayons does Lia have?

ⓧ Shannon has 1 cousin. Perry has 5 cousins. Who has more cousins, Shannon or Perry?

ⓨ Tim is building a cabinet. He needs 1 one-inch bolt and 4 one-and-a-half inch bolts. How many bolts in all does Tim need?


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