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To show trends or relationships across data

For which of the following reasons would you choose to use a chart or graph?

category value

The ____is not a component of a data series.

data series

The words Informantion, Services, an Manufacturing shown in Column A are the ______.


To work with a title or other individual element of a chart, select the ___tab.

Move Chart

The _____dialog box provides options for moving charts between worksheets and chart sheets.

a true/false sparkline for helping make decisions

Excel supports the following three types of sparklines that does NOT include______.

Design, Layout, and Format

The ____Chart Tools contextual tabs appear on the
ribbon when you select a chart.

Show Legend at Left

To reposition the legend to the left-hand side of a chart, click the Legned button, and then click__________

Data labels

_______provide descriptive text for the individual data markers, such as pie slices.

must format each slice separately

Since each slice of a pie represents a diffenent value in the series, you_______.

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