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Mr. Lusnak

When 6.02 x 10^23 is multiplied by 9.1 x 10^-31, the product is:

5.5 x 10^-7

According to the Bohr model of the atom, the single electron of a hydrogen atoms circles the nucleus in:

specific energy levels

Because any element used in the cathode produced electrons, scientists concluded that:

cathode rays are negatively charged particles of matter

Which of these is the abbreviation for the SI base unit of time:


Malleability and ductility are characteristics of substances with:

metallic bonds

The most common form of hydrogen has:

no neutrons, one proton, one electron

The equation for the production of methane is C + 2H2(g) -> CH4(g). How many liters of hydrogen are needed to produce 20. L of methane:

40 L of Hydrogen

The idea of arranging the elements in the periodic table according to their chemical and physical properties is attributed to:

Dmitri Mendeleev

A student recorded the following while completing an experiment.
Color of Substance: yellow, shiny powder
Effect of magnet: yellow, shiny powder was attracted
The student should classify the substance as a(n):


The energy released when a covalent bond forms is the difference between zero and the:

minimum potential energy

To draw a Lewis structure, one must know the:

number of valence electrons

A chemical can be defined as:

a compound or substance that has been purified or prepared, esp. artificially

For the reaction represented by the equation N2 + 3H2 -> 2NH3, how many moles of Nitrogen are required to produce 18 moles of ammonia:

9 moles

A measurement that closely agrees with an accepted value is best described as:


Identify the sublevels in a period that contains 32 elements:

s, p, d, f

Across a period in the periodic table, atomic radii:

decreases because there are more electrons and the electrons in proportion with the protons have a tighter attraction

What is the oxidation number of oxygen in H2O2:


The electron configuration of the noble gases from neon to radon in the periodic table make these elements parts of the:

noble gases, group 18

It is easy to determine whether a substance is a metal if the substance is:


Titanium, atomic number 22, has the configuration [Ar] 3d^2 4s^2. To what group does titanium belong:


In the equation 2Al(s) + 3Fe(NO3)2 (aq) -> 3Fe(s) + 2Al(NO3)3 (aq), iron has been replaced by:


Dalton's atomic theory agrees with modern atomic theory except for the statement that:

atoms are indivisible

Two variables are inversely proportional if their ______ has a constant value:


Organic chemistry is the study of:

carbon containing compounds

A sample of tin (atomic mass 118.71 amu) contains 3.01 x 10^23 atoms. The mass of the sample is:

59.3 g

When the pink-colored light of a glowing hydrogen gas passes through a prism, it is possible to see:

four lines of different colors

Which reaction can be predicted from the activity series:

2H20(aq) + 2Na(s) = 2NaOH(aq) + H2 (g)

Name the compound KClO3:

potassium chlorate

In what kind of reaction do two or more substances combine to form a new compound

synthesis reaction

Name the compound N2O2 using the Stock system:

nitrogen(II) oxide

As the atomic number increases, the number of electrons in a neutral atom:


Magnesium hydroxide decompose to yield magnesium oxide and

water or H(OH)

How many extra electrons are in the Lewis structure of the phosphate ion, Po4^3-:


How many more electrons are needed to completely fill the third main energy level if it already contains 8 electrons:


The liquid state of matter can be described as

having a definite volume but not a definite shape

Predict what happens when calcium metal is added to a solution of magnesium chloride:

calcium chloride forms

A chemical change occurs when:

one substance changes into a different substance/food spoils/a leaf changes color

Which of these statements about density is true:

density is a physical property

In the reaction represented by the equation N2 + 3H2 = 2NH3, what is the mole ratio of hydrogen to ammonia:


How many quantum numbers are needed to describe the energy state of an electron in an atom:


Most of the volume of an atom is occupied by the:

electron cloud

The measurement 0.035550 g rounded off to two significant figures would be:


If the lattice energy of compound A is greater than that of compound B

the bonds in compound A are stronger than the bonds in compound B

The ideal gas law combines Boyle's law, Charle's law, Gay-Lussac's Law and


For the reaction represented by the equation SO3 + H2O = H2SO4, calculate the percentage yield if 500. g of sulfur trioxide reacts with excess water to produce 575 g of sulfuric acid:


Active metals react with certain acids, such as hydrochloric acid, to yield a metal compound and


All of the following describe the Heisenberg uncertainty principle except

it helps to locate an electron in an atom

For groups 13 through 18, the number of valence electrons is equal to the group number:

minus 10

The total number of orbitals that can exist at the second main energy level is:


The carbon-12 atom is assigned a relative mass of exactly:

12 amu

All known chemical elements are organized into groups based on similar chemical properties in the:

periodic table

The periodic law states that the physical and chemical properties of elements are periodic functions of their atomic:


The nucleus of an atom has all of the following characteristics except that it

contains nearly all of the atom's volume

If the s and p orbitals of the highest main energy level of an atom are filled with electrons, the atom has a(n):


The product of the frequency and the wavelength of a wave equals the

speed of the wave

As atoms bond with each other, they

decrease their potential energy thus creating more stable arrangements of matter

Calcium, atomic number 20, has the electron configuration [Ar] 4s^2. In what period is calcium?

4th period

At 7.0C, the volume of a gas is 49 mL. At the same pressure, its volume is 74 mL at what temperature

10.6C or 4.64C

A compound's empirical formula is N2O5. If the formula mass is 108 amu, what is the molecular formula


Both copper (atomic number 29) and chromium (atomic number 24) appear to break the pattern in the order of filling the 3d and 4s orbitals. This change in pattern is expressed by:

a reduction in the number of electrons in the 4s orbital and an increase in the 3d orbital

An active metal and a halogen react to form a(n):

ionic bond

The reaction represented by the equation 2KClO3(s) = 2KCl(s) + 3O2(g) is a(n):

decomposition reaction

Nonpolar covalent bonds are not common because:

one atom usually attracts electrons more strongly than the other

0.25g is equivalent to:

250 mg

The element that has the greatest electrongativity is:


The nucleus of deuterium contains one proton and:

one neutron

The sequence in which energy sublevels are filled is specified by

the aufbau principle

To balance a chemical equation, it may be necessary to adjust the:


Which of these is a measure of the amount of material:

mass or mole

Name the compound N2O3:

dinitrogen trioxide

The gas pressure inside a container decreases when:

the number of gas molecules is decreased

A determination of the masses and number of moles of sulfur and oxygen in the compound sulfur dioxide would be studied in:

composition stoichiometry

The SI base units for length and time are:

meter and second

For the reaction represented by the equation 2Na + 2H2O = 2NaOH + H2, how many grams of hydrogen are produced if 120 g of sodium and 80 g of water are available:

4.44 g of H2

What is the small whole number that appears in front of a formula in a chemical equation:

a coefficient

Krypton, atomic number 36, is the fourth element in Group 18. What is the atomic number of xenon, the fifth element in Group 18:


Applied research is carried out in order to:

solve a particular problem

The molar mass of NO2 is 46.01 g/mol. How many moles of NO2 are present in 114.95 g:

2.498 mole

The two most important properties of all mater are:

taking up space and having mass

Nitrogen monoxide and oxygen, both colorless gasses, form a red-brown gas when mixed. Nitrogen monoxide and oxygen are called the:

reactants, they form Nitrogen dioxide

The measurement 0.020 L is the same as

20 milliliters or 2.0 * 10-2 L.

What is the name of a list of elements are arranged according to the ease with which they undergo certain chemical reactions:

reactivity list

The equation A + BX = AX + B is the general equation for a:

single-displacement reaction

When 5.7 m is divided by 2 s, the quotient is correctly reported as:


In an ionic compound, the orderly arrangement of ions in a crystal is the state of:

minimum potential energy

Louis de Broglie's research suggested that:

electrons should be considered as waves confined to the space around an atomic nucleus

The periodic table is:

a table of the chemical elements, showing the symbols for the elements, their full names, their atomic numbers and their mass number. It organizes them into groups and periods (columns and rows) based on their structure and properties. It is called "the periodic table" because the horizontal rows are named "periods."

What is the empirical formula for a compound that is 43.6% phosphorus and 56.4% oxygen:


The number of significant figures in the measurement 2010 cm is:


Which instrument measures atmospheric pressure:


To correct for the partial pressure of water vapor in a gas collection bottle, the vapor pressure of H2O at the collecting temperature is generally:

added to the pressure of the collected gas.

What is the ratio of oxygen to carbon when 32 g of oxygen combine with 12 of carbon:

12:16 or 2:1 ?

A 1.00 L sample of a gas has a mass of 1.25 g at STP. What is the mass of 1.00 mol of this gas:

28 g/mol

The mass of 1 mol of Chromium (atomic mass 51.996 amu) is:

51.996 g

How many molecules are there in 5.0 g of methyl alcohol, CH3OH:


Mettaloids are often:


A single orbital in the 3d level can hold _ electrons:


The oxidation number of fluorine is:

-1 in all compounds

Because most particles fired at metal foil passed straight through, Rutherford concluded that:

atoms were mostly empty space

The unit m^3 measures:


What is the measured amount of a product obtained from a chemical reaction:

actual yield

Convert the pressure 2.50 atm to kPa:

253 kPa

The p orbitals are shaped like:


What is the formula for the compound formed by calcium ions and chloride ions:


Max Planck proposed that a hot object radiated energy in small, specific amounts called:


Each atomic orbital is described by its principal quantum number followed by the:

letter of the sublevel (s, p, d, f)

If a mixture is not uniform throughout, it is called:


In a glass tube attached to a voltage source, electrical current passes from the negative electrode, called the _, to the other electrode:


The strong forces of attraction between the positive and negative regions of molecules are the:

dipole-dipole forces

How would oxygen be represented in the formula equation for the reaction of methane and oxygen to yield carbon dioxide and water:


To appear shiny, a material must be able to:

absorb and re-emit light

What is the molecular formula of a compound that has a formula mass of 50.48 amu and an empirical formula of CH3Cl:


When the limiting reactant in a chemical reaction is completely used, the:

reaction stops

What is the mass percentage of chlorine in NaCl:


The percentage ionic character and the type of bond in Br2 (electronegativity for Br is 2.8) is:

0% non polar covalent

The number of atoms in a mole of any pure substance is called:

Avogadro's constant

A mixture is:

a mixture consist of two or more different substances that are mixed but not chemically combined together

If gas A has a molar mass greater than that of gas B and samples of each gas at identical temperatures and pressures contain equal numbers of molecules, then:

the volumes of gas A and gas B are equal

When Gay-Lussac's law of combining volumes holds, which of the following can be expressed in ratios of small whole numbers:

molar mass of products and reactants

The molar mass of an element is the mass of one:


Chlorine has atomic number 17 and mass number 35. It has:

17 protons, 17 electrons, and 18 neutrons

Dalton incorporated the law of conservation of mass into his atomic theory by asserting that:

atoms are indivisible

According to the particle model of light, certain kinds of light cannot eject electrons from metals because:

the energy of the light is too low

What is placed between a molecule's resonance structures to indicate resonance:

double-headed arrow

On a cold winter morning when the temperature is -13C, the air pressure in an automobile tire is 1.5 atm. If the volume does not change, what is the pressure after the tire has warmed to 15C:

1.66 atm

To find the molecular formula from the empirical formula, one must determine the compound's:

formula mass

All of the following are steps in the scientific method except:

imagination and insight, discarding data inconsistent with the hypothesis

The units of molar mass are:


What happens to the energy in a substance when it changes state:

It changes form, but is neither destroyed nor increased

A theory is accepted as the explanation of an observed phenomenon until:

repeated observations conflict with the theory

Which coefficients correctly balance the formula equation NH4NO2(s) = N2(g) + H2O(l):


A measure of the quantity of matter is:


Which block in the periodic table contains the alkali metals:

s block

If two or more compounds are composed of the same two elements, the ratio of the masses of one element that combine with a fixed mass of the other element is a simple whole number. This is a statement of the law of:

multiple proportions

When a polar molecule attracts the electron in a non-polar molecules:

a dipole is induced

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