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Erich Maria Remarque
The author of the book, wrote her book originally in german, was a german soldier, was able to escape Zaziism,
World War I
The war that wasted a generation
Really hungry
Unexpected bonus
the aspects of a situation that involve the actual doing or experience of something rather than theories or ideas
excessive tenderness, sadness, or nostalgia
A German philosopher during the era of romanticism
A famous German writer
People from Northwest Germany
Corporal Himmelstoss
A corporal that takes advantage of the privates. He makes them clean his Mess, make his bed 14 times, etc. He eventually takes it too far and gets scolded
A soldier who worked his was up from the bottom
A soldier who started at a higher rank because of military training or education
Dead bodies
Espirit de corps
a feeling of pride, fellowship, and common loyalty shared by the members of a particular group
Where they go to the bathroom
Chapter 1
The 80 surviving members of the 150 are resting from the front line battle. The cook accidentally made food for 150, they argue until it is decided that they can take the food instead of letting it go to waste. After resting, the men later go to visit Kemmerich at the hospital noticing that we won't live much longer. (Müller wants his boots).
Chapter 2
Paul Bäumer starts to reflect and notices that the couple weeks as a soldier has taught him more than the years as a student. They start to wonder what will happen to them after the army. Hemmelstoss starts to humiliate the recruits, but they realize that it is needed in order to survive so they can learn discipline. Kemmerich learns about his amputated thigh. Although Paul tries to make him feel better, he died before the doctor could come
Chapter 3
New recruits arrive and Paul and his friends feel like old veterans. Kat gives them beans instead of the turnip they've been eating and tells them to bring tobacco as payment for the food for next time. He believes that if all the soldiers got the same food and the same pay, the war will end faster ("give em all the same grub and all the same pay and the war would be over and done in a day") Kropp thinks that the declaration of war should be like a festival and thinks the generals and leaders should battle each other in an open arena and the last survivor wins the war. Paul and his friends wonder why Himmelstoss is so hard on them and come to a conclusion that the army is based on one man having more power over another man. All decide to plot revenge against Himmelstoss (beat him up in the dark and he never found out who it was)
Paul Bäumer
The narrator of the story, 19 years old German soldier. He is kind and compassionate, but war is making him think more reasonably.
The amount of weeks they had of training
Stanislaus Katczinsky
A soldier belonging to Paul's company and Paul's best friend in the army. Is 40 years old at the beginning of the novel and has a family at home. He is a resourceful, inventive man and always finds food, clothing, and blankets whenever he and his friends need them
Albert Kropp
One of Paul's classmates who serves with Paul in the Second Company. An intelligent, speculative young man. He is one of Paul's closest friends during the war. He is interest in analyzing the causes of the war
One of Paul's classmates. He is a hardheaded, practical young man, and he plies his friends in the Second Company with questions about their postwar plans
One of Paul's friends in the Second Company. He is a wiry young man with a voracious appetite, but remains very skinny. He doesn't like Corporal Himmelstoss
A pompous, ignorant, authoritarian schoolmaster in Paul's high school during the years before the war. He places intense pressure on Paul and his classmates to fulfill their "patriotic duty" by enlisting in the army
Franz Kemmerich
One of Paul's classmates and comrades in the war. After suffering a light wound, contracts gangrene, and his leg has to be amputated. He later died and his boots were taken by Paul and given to Müller
Joseph Behm
The first of Paul's classmates to die in the war. He did not want to enlist, but he caved under the pressure of the schoolmaster, Kantorek. His ugly, painful death shatters his classmates' trust in the authorities who convinced them to take part in the war
One of Paul's classmates and close friends during the war. He serves with Paul in the Second Company. He was the first in Paul's class to lose his virginity
One of Paul's close friends in the Second Company. He is a young man with a wife and a farm at home; he is constantly homesick for his farm and family
Haie Westhus
One of Paul's friends in the Second Company. A gigantic, burly man, he was a peat-digger before the war. He plans to serve a full term in the army after the war ends, since he finds peat-digging so unpleasant
Chapter 4
Second company is assigned to lay barbed wire at the front line. While they are going, Paul sees a house and hears geese and Paul and Kat agree to come back later and eat them. The sound of gunfire and shells scare the new recruits and Kat tells them how to hear who is firing. Kat tells everyone that he has a feeling there will be a bombardment in the night, which is correct. Paul says that when you're in the front, animal instincts In you come. One of the recruits is so scared that he poos his pants and Paul tells him that he shouldn't worry because it's normal. Bombs land around them and they all look for protection. Paul takes off his mask and sees the recruit who pooed his pants very injured. Kat and Paul know he won't make it so Kat suggests they end his life right now so he won't be in pain but before they can do it, the other soldiers must come out
Chapter 5
Tjaden is tired of killing lice one by one so he scrapes them all in a boot tin and kills them by setting it on fire. Himmelstoss was tormenting his recruits and as punishment was sent to the front for a short period of time. Muller asks everyone what they would do if the war ended and Kropp says that it won't end. Kat mentions his wife and children while younger men mention women and getting drunk. Westhus says he will become an army officer because he hated his old job (digging peat). Tjaden still wants revenge on himmelstoss and detering would return to his farm. Tjaden moons Himmelstoss and goes to hide before his authorities show up. The men realize that there are only 12 men left out of 20 from their class. Kropp says that the war destroyed everything for them and Paul doesn't know what he'll do after the war. Himmelstoss comes back with a sergeant to punish tjaden and no one tells him where he is hiding. Tjaden has to go to the officers to solve the problem and they are put on trial. Everyone tells the court that Himmelstoss is cruel to them and Tjaden and Kropp get light punishments. Tjaden- 3 days in jail
Kropp- 1 day in jail
Paul and Kay eat the geese and keep the feathers so they can be warm and save some geese for Tjaden and Kropp