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Core Concepts (Arguments)

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Parts of an Argument
1) Conclusion
2) Premises
3) Introductory statments
4) Qualifying statements
5) Background information
6) Inference
the central claim of an argument
the ckaims used to support a conclusion
Introductory Statements, Qualifying Statements, or backgroud information
apart of arguments but not strictly part of the reasoning
a conclusion you can draw from a single statement or by combining two or more statements. It need not be the mein conclusion of an arguement, it only needs to be a conclusion supported by the passage.
The Why Test
State the conclusion in yur own words. "Why does the author claim it is tru?" The statments you identified as premises should make sense as answeres to the question.
POE Criteria
1) Relevance: is answer choice relevant to the conclusion
2) Wrong Tone or Force: Is the answer choice worded with the proper tone and force?
3) Doesn't Match: Does the wording of the answer choice match the structure of the argument?
4) Partly Right: Is the entire answer choice correct, or only part of it?
5) Wrong Direction: Does the answer choice go in the direction that she question task requires?