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Intermediate License

License you may recieve at age 26 or 17

You may not carry any passengers under___for the first 6 months


2/32 inches

the required depth of a tire tread

A divided highway has a solid yellow centerline ___inches wide.


You are not required to stop for a school bus displaying red lights and a stop sign if...

the road has 3 or more lanes, a barrier, or a median

Do not part within _____ of a pedestrian safety zone (crosswalk)

20 feet

speed limit in school zone

20 mph

speed limit on city or town streets

25 mph

speed limit on county roads

50 mph

speed limit on state highways

60 mph

It is illegal to follow more that _____ behind an emergency vehicle.

500 feet

do not pass within _______ of a mile of a hill or curve


Alcohol reaches your brain __________minutes after consuming it


It takes _____hour for your body to get rid of each drink


Alcohol-related offenses remain on your driving record for ______years.


license tabs are only required on _____.

rear plates

requirements for a supervisor of a driver with instructors permit

5 years of drivers experience, right front seat

amount of months before eligible for an Intermediate License


after first 6 months, only ____passengers under age ____ not part of intermediate family


you cannot legally drive with more than ____paeple in the front seat if your view is blocked


It is safest for children to sit in the ____seat


Do not park within _______feet of a fire station driveway same side or _____feet on the other side of the street.


At 60 mph it takes ____times as far to stop as it does at 30 mph


You need a ____second gap when merging or changing lanes between vehicles


take lane changes ____ at a time


over _____bicyclists are killed or injured each year


a minor convicted of an alcohol, firearm, or drug violation will have the driving privelage revoked for ____year or until age ____.


the driver must pay all fines for passengers under ____ who are not properly beltef or secured.


you may not drive further than ____feet if you are within a two-way left turn lane


do not park within ____feet of a traffic light, stop sign, or yield sign


you must signal at least ____feet before a turn.


over age 21, you can be arrested for a DUI if your BAC is _______, under 21 _______


if a collision results in an injury, death, or property damage of _______or more, you must file a report within ______days


you must be free of traffic violations for _____months before applying for Intermediate License


you must notify DOL within ____days of a name or address change.


do not park within ____feet of a driveway, alley, or private road


do not park within _____ feet of a railroad crossing.


the Implied Consent law means that you will have your license revoked for at least _____year if if you refuse to take a breath or blood test


a drivers license is valid for _____years and expires _____

5, on your birthday

no driving between _____and _____ unless accompanied by a parent, guardian, or driver ______years of age.


on _____birthay, intermediate license automatically becomes _____license with no restrictions

18, basic

liability insurance: $___________ for injury or death of one person


liability insurance: $___________ for injury or death of two or more persons


liability insurance: $___________ for property damages in any one collision


fine for parking in a handicapped parking space


fine for failing to use chains


do not park within ______feet of a fire hydrant


you must dim your high beams within ______ feet of an oncoming vehicle and ______feet when following behind a vehicle


alcohol is involved in ______% of fatal collisions


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