English Flash Cards list 11

Divergent (adj.)
Something that goes in a different direction from what's common or expected; a different/ opposing opinion or point of view
Digression (noun)
When you get off-topic from something you're writing or speaking about for a long time
Dilemma (noun)
A problem; a situation where you're struggling to figure out how to move forward or solve something.
Dissect (verb)
To pick apart into pieces.
Dissent (verb/noun)
NOUN: The differing/opposing opinion; VERB:To differ in opinion, to go away from the common opinion.
Perceptible (adj.)
Something that's clear, recognizable, able to be perceived/seen/observed.
Avail (verb/adj.)
VERB: To be of use, to make available; NOUN: Something that is useful, or has an advantage.
Fervent (adj.)
Passionate, strong, great enthusiasm for something.
Stint (noun)
A period of time spent doing something.
Proclaim (verb)
To formally announce or declare in an official manner (usually in a positive way).