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  1. Endoplasmic reticulum
  2. Chloroplast
  3. Cytosol
  4. Chromosome
  5. Ribosome
  1. a A system of membranes that is found in a cell's cytoplasm and that assists in the production, processing, and transport of proteins in the production of lipids.
  2. b In a eukaryotic cell, one of the structures in the nucleus that are made up of DNA and protein, in a prokaryotic cell, the main ring of DNA.
  3. c An organelle found in plant and algae cells where photosynthesis occurs.
  4. d A cell organelle composed of RNA and protein; the site of protein synthesis.
  5. e The soluble portion of the cytoplasm, which includes molecules and small particles, such as ribosomes, but not the organelles covered with membranes.

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  1. Also known as a cell membrane, the cell's outer boundary.
  2. A collection of tissues that carry out a specialized function of the body.
  3. An organelle of plant cells that contains specific substances and performs specific functions for the cell; examples include chloroplasts and chromoplasts.
  4. One of the small bodies that are found in cytoplasm of a cell and that are specialized to perform a specific function.
  5. Group of organs that accomplish related tasks.

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  1. Nuclear envelopeThe double membrane that surrounds the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell.


  2. MicrotubuleOne of the small, tubular fibers composed of the protein tubulin that are found in the cytoplasm of the eukaryotic cells, that compose the cytoskeleton, and that play a role in cell structure and movement.


  3. CellA hairlike structure arranged in tightly packed rows that projects from the surface of some cells.


  4. Cell wallIn biology, the smallest unit that can perform all life processes; cells are covered by a membrane and contain DNA and cytoplasm.


  5. Golgi apparatusAn organelle found in plant and algae cells where photosynthesis occurs.