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assisted reproductive therapies (ARTs)

Treatments for infertility, including in vitro fertilization procedures, embryo adoption, embryo hosting, and therapeutic insemination

basal body temperature (BBT)

Lowest body temperature of a healthy person taken immediately after awakening and before getting out of bed


The intentional prevention of pregnancy using a device or practice.

fertility awareness methods (FAMs)

Methods of family planning that identify the beginning and end of the fertile period of the menstrual cycle

induced abortion

Intentionally produced termination of pregnancy


Impaired fertility, including a prolonged time to conceive and/or the inability to conceive.

natural family planning (NFP)

Contraceptive methods in which a woman abstains from sexual intercourse during the fertile period of her menstrual cycle; no other form of birth control is used during this period

semen analysis

Examination of semen specimen to determine liquefaction, volume, pH, sperm density, and normal morphologic features


Surgical contraceptive procedures intended to be permanent contraception

therapeutic donor insemination (TDI)

Introduction of donor semen by instrument injection into the vagina or uterus for impregnation

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