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What is the TS for P3?

During the Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment, the value of the individual created a need to discover truth using reason, increasing Europeans' scientific knowledge.

What is the evidence?

Francis Bacon developed the scientific method, a strategy to remove human element in order to find truth.
Influenced by the emergence of science and reason, Denis Diderot published the Encyclopedie, a French encyclopedia.

What is the analysis for E1?

Since he did not accept unproven facts, his creation of the scientific method revealed his need to make his own logical discoveries. His pursuit for personal knowledge revealed Bacon's curiosity to discover truths using reason. Likewise, the use of the scientific method allowed Europeans to further their individual knowledge, giving them the power to think for themselves.

What is the analysis for E2?

Europeans' intellectual curiosity regarding information about science and technology allowed for the publication of his encyclopedia that contained large amounts of information.

What is the concluding sent?

Through the scientific method and encyclopedia, this allowed Europeans to pursue their intellectual curiosity and in turn, gained greater knowledge.

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