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MAIN (causes of war)

militarism, alliances, imperialism, nationalism.

Triple alliance

Germany, austria-hungary, italy

triple entente

brittain, france, russia


British ship sunk by germans


payments to cover damages during war

Balkin Powder Keg

Describes instability of Balkins

Trench Warfare

underground tunnels fought in to avoid machine guns.

War of attrition

slow gradual wearing down process, who can last longer

Schlieffen Plan

plan to surround the french and push them back, but failed because ended in stalemate.


staying neutral during time of war

Battle of Marne

German vs french and brittish in paris

Zimmerman Telegram

zimmerman sent secret telegram to german embassador for mexican support

Total war

everything from country put towards war

Assasination of Franz ferdinand

shot while touring sarajevo, led to austria hungary vs serbia.

Paris Peace conference

all allied powers except russia sent representatives to negotiate peace after war

Treaty of versailles

forced germany to admit defeat and pay reparations


agreement to stop fighting

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