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This set covers tems used in Fireworks CS4.


Allows you to see measurements on the canvas as you create and edit objects.

Replicate an object

Press and hold Alt then drag the object on the canvas.

Rename Layers

This can be done in the Layers Panel or in the Property Inspector.

Composite Path

If the two objects being joined are both closed.

Continuous Path

If the two objects being joined are both open.

Solid Fill

Color swatch or hexadecimal value that you specify in the color pop-up window.

Web dither fill

Approximates the color of a non-Web-safe color by combining two Web-safe colors.

Pattern Fill

Bitmap images that have complex color schemes and textures.


Consists of two or more colors that blend into each other in a fixed design.

Edit gradient

This pop up window allows you to modify colors and the transition from one color to the next by manipulating the color swatches beneath the color ramp.

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