11 terms

Specific Needs for a group

Groups in Context
What does
SHE HAS Soup Each Friday
stand for?
S - Self - esteem
H - Health
E - Education

H - Housing
A - Access to services
S - Sense of Identity

S - Security and Safety

E - Employment

F - Financial Support
How many needs are there?
There are 9 groups!
Define Self - esteem
That which you can determine how you feel about yourself or give you confidence.
Define Health
The condition of a person base on various aspects, such as physical and emotional health.
Define Education
The process by which individuals learn knowledge and skills.
Define Housing
A dwelling that provides shelter and protection from the environment.
Define Access to services
The ability to locate and have use of a service to enhance wellbeing.
Define Sense of Identity
Having an understanding of yourself as a person.
Define Safety and Security
Having an environment in which a person or family has a level of protection from other and the environment.
Define Employment
A period of work for earning a financial income to pay for a person's needs and wants.
Define Financial support
Assistance for those individuals or families looking for employment or needing support.