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Tudor Foreign Policy Events 1485-1603

Battle of Stoke (1485)
End of the Wars of the Roses, Henry VII defeated a Yorkist army supporting Lambert Simnel
Treaty of Redon (1489)
Henry VII's promise of aid to Brittany
Treaty of Medina del Campo (1489)
Alliance between Ferdinand and Henry VII that promised the marriage of Arthur and Catherine
Treaty of Etaples (1492)
Peace treaty with France following Henry's invasion in November 1492
Magnus Intercursus (1496)
Trade treaty with the Netherlands, the Hanseatic League, Venice, Florence etc. Stopped meddling in trade affairs, e.g. the blockades over Simnel
Truce of Ayton (1497)
7 year truce with Scotland
Cornish Rebellion (1497)
Tax rebellion against Henry VII that prevented his invasion of Scotland
Treaty of Perpetual Peace (1502)
Marriage between James IV and Margaret Tudor led to the Union of the Crowns in James VI. Promised perpetual peace.
Malus Intercursus (1506)
Second trade treaty, very favourable to the English
Treaty of Bruges (1521)
Secret Anglo-Spanish treaty promising to declare war on France in 1522
Treaty of the More (1525)
Henry VIII gave up his territorial claims to France and promised to campaign for the release of Francis I in exchange for a pension of £20000 p.a.
Treaty of Westminster (1527)
A treaty signed by England, France and the League of Cognac against Charles V
Battle of Landriano (1529)
Heavy defeat for Francis in Italy at the hands of Charles V
Pilgrimage of Grace (1536)
Largely religious rebellion against Henry VIII's Break with Rome
Truce of Nice (1538)
End of the Italian War 1536-38 after Francis' capture of Turin
Pact of Toledo(1539)
Pact in which Charles and Francis agreed to set aside their differences and make no more alliances with England
Western Rising (1549)
Rebellion over Edward VI's new Book of Common Prayers
Kett's Rebellion (1549)
Rebellion, largely due to agricultural dissatisfaction and the enclosure of land
Treaty of Angers (1551)
Marriage proposal between Edward VI and a daughter of Henri II
Wyatt's Rebellion (1554)
Rebellion against the Spanish marriage
Treaty of Troyes (1564)
Ended Elizabeth's invasion at Le Havre
Northern Earl's Rebellion (1569)
Unsuccessful attempt to depose Elizabeth I in exchange for Mary, Queen of Scots
Treaty of Blois (1572)
Defensive Anglo-French treaty against Spain
Treaty of Joinville (1584)
Secret Franco-Spanish pact between the French Catholic League and Philip II against England. Little came of the treaty itself, but Elizabeth's reaction was to involve herself in the Netherlands and so go to war with Spain
Treaty of Nonsuch (1585)
Anglo-Dutch treaty agreeing to send troops and money to the Netherlands. Started the Anglo-Spanish war 1585-1604
Treaty of Berwick (1586)
Gave James VI a pension and so unofficially set him out as Elizabeth's heir
Tyrone's Rebellion (1595-03)
Largely religious Irish rebellion.
Treaty of Ardres (1546)
Anglo-French treaty in which Henry is to keep Boulogne for 8 years and then return it for 2 million ecus
Treaty of Berwick (1560)
Elizabeth's promise to defend Scotland from France