13 terms

Chapter 9 Vocab

Andes Mountains
Part of a chain of mountain ranges that run through the western portion of North, Central, and South America
Grassy, treeless areas used for livestock grazing and farming found in Colombia and Venezuela
Savannas with flat terrain and moderate rainfall that make them suitable from farming found in Brazil
Areas of grasslands and rich soil found in northern Argentina and Uruguay
Orinoco River
Winds through the northern part of the continent, mainly in Venezuela
Amazon River
Flows about 4,000 miles from west to east, emptying into the Atlantic Ocean
Paraná River
Has its origins in the highlands of southern Brazil.
Rain forest
Dense forests made up of different species of trees
A technique where they cut trees, brush, and grasses and burned the debris to clear the field
Terraced farming
An ancient technique for growing crops on hillsides or mountain slopes
Push factors
Factors that "push" people to leave rural areas
Pull factors
Factors that "pull" people toward cities
Includes such things as sewers, transportation, electricity, and housing