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Ms.Glen 6th hour chemistry class

0-6 (acidic) 7 (neutral) 8-14 (bases)

What is the PH scale?

a chemical substance

what is a acid?

states of matter, heats temp, and pressure

what are the major points of the kinetic molecular theory?

gases have more kinetic energy and less volume

How are gases different than liquids according to the kinetic molecular theory?

solid, liquid, gas

IMF'S strongest and weakest

the balloon popped

What happens to the volume of a balloon if the temp. of the air inside the balloon is increased?

The balloon deflated

What happens if you decrease the temp. of the air inside the balloon?

the charge

What determines how many hydroxide ions are needed to write a chemical formula of the base?

water and salt

What are the products of an acid-base reaction?

vinegar, coke, juice

What are 3 household products that are considered acids?

gum, borax, baking soda

What are 3 household products that are considered bases?

pollution in the air or water

What is needed to produce acid rain?

HNO3 when nitrogen dioxide reacts with nitrate.

how it nitric acid formed in the atmosphere?

H2SO4 caused by a chemical reaction.

how do sulfuric oxides contribute to acid rain?








deposition, freezing, condensation


when a reaction in a lab has a temperature of the reaction mixture increases is?


If you perform a reaction in the lab and the temperature of the reaction mixture decreases, is the reaction exothermic or endothermic?

gives off heat

Define exothermic

Takes in heat

Define Endothermic


What temperature scale is used when working with gases?

subtract 273 to celsius

How do you change kelvin to Celsius?

add 273 to celsius

how do you change celsius to kelvin

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