Mop Ch. 10 Concepts

scheduling guidelines
when appointments are scheduled a medical assistant must consider tha patients needs, the physicians preferences, & the available facilities. Make every attempt to schedule a patient at his or her most convenient time this helps prevent no shows. the physician will outline his or her preferences, which should be a high priority to the medical assistant. however most physicians are flexible and make adjustments according to the needs of the office, the availability of facilities in the office is perhaps the most inflexible factor. If a certain room or piece of equipment is being used for one patient, it usually cannot be used for another
appointment book
when an ___________ is chosen, all the needs of the office should be considered
multiple physicians
if the practice has __________ the book should be arranged so that each physician is readily identified
Books that open ____________ on the desk surface are much easier to handle but another style might be better if not enough space is available to open the book completely
patient information
the book also should provide enough space to write all the __________ needed in the various time slots, such as the name, phone number, and reason for the visit
computerized scheduling programs
__________ are in demand, because they are easy to operate and simplify both the scheduling and changing of appointments
first available time
the computer can find the _________ much faster than a person scanning an appointment book
impending appointment
most programs can prepare reports and even notify patients of the ___________ automatically by e-mail
________________ self-scheduling programs are becoming popular, these allow a patient to see the physicians available appointments and book his or her own date and time
___________ can vastly reduce the number of calls to the office, because a hight number of everyday calls are requests to schedule appointments
patients can even make an appointment at _______ if they desire
open office hours
allow patients to come to the physician's office when it is covenient and wait their turn to see the physician
__________ of specific appointments is the most popular method of seeing patients
flexible office hours
_____________ allow patients to see the physician during the evening and often on weekends
todays medical offices
many of ____________ have some flexible scheduling, because most families now consist of two working parents
wave scheduling
__________ brings two or three patients to the office at the same time and they are seen in the order of their arrival
double booking & grouping of like procedures
other scheduling methods include ___________ & _________
angela arranged for a short time ____________ between dr. patricks speaking engagement and his first afternoon appointment so that he would have time for lunch
gayle gained __________ in computers by taking saturday classes on the newest software
A(n) _________ noise came from the autoclave when it was turned on this morning. so pamela called service personnel to repair the machine
olivia realized that she needed to take a(n) _________ medical terminology course before she could register for anatomy and physiology
no show
all the medical assistants in the facility know that a(n) ___________ must be noted in the medical record, as well as the appointment book
before using an appointment book, establish the _________ by marking all times the physician is unavailable so that patients will not be scheduled during those times
a patient from a neighboring clinic caused a(n) _______ in the hallway as he left, because he disagreed with a billing statement
established patients
___________ are those who have been seen as patients in the clinic more than once.
The ___________ among the staff at Dr. Wykowski's office has become strained since the office manager was terminated
cooperation and willingness to help other staff members is a(n) _____________ part of the success of a practice
the payment of benefits to the physician for services rendered is called
A(n) ___________ is a predeveloped page layout used to make new pages with a similar design, pattern, or style
time lengths
__________ are important because the reimbursement the physician recieves from insurance companies is partly based on the time requirements of the procedure or office visit
____________ can be used over & over as new pages are added to the appointment book, & the regular times that are unavailable to patients will be premarked.
repeating appointment
is made when a patient must come to the physicians office for several appointments he/she usually is scheduled for the same time of day of the week
physical therapy & chiropractic
____________ & _____________ appointments are often repeating appointments
emergency appointment
is made for a life threatening condition
urgent appointment
is made for a serious but not .life threatening condition
If the call is accidentally __________, the patient may not be able to call back, which would make finding the patient more difficult
the patient may behave more ________ if he or she is able to speak to someone & feels more assured that help is on the way
3 items to consider when scheduling appointments
patient need, physician preference & habits, avaliable facilities
advantage to using an appointment book
easy to use; color-coded books are efficient
disadvantage to using an appointment book
only one person can use the appointment book @ a time
advantage to using a computer for scheduling
multiple users can access patient information @ a time, more efficient, more information is available than in an appointment book
disadvantage to using a computer for scheduling
users must learn the software sometimes expensive to purchase