26 terms

Science Final set #2 Fifth Grade

Alternative "clean" energy sources
wind farms, solar panels, biomass, and geothermal
the orange and yellow sunsets we see are caused by
the sun's light passing through a greater thickness of atmosphere and scattering
the sky looks blue during the day because
molecules of white light are scattered and we see blue
renewable resource
resources that can easily be replaced like trees and geothermal energy
natural and nonrenewable resources
minerals, coal, oil, and natural gas
ozone depletion
severe sun burns, skin cancer, death of plankton, eye problems
global warming
more hurricanes, drought, immune system problems
a richness of the of the different kinds of living things in an area
What is ozone depletion and what causes it? Can this be stopped or reversed? How?
Ozone depletion is the thining of the Ozone layer. The CFC in spray cans, air conditoners, and electrical cleaners cause Ozone depletion. It can be stopped by stopping the use of CFC.
Wilson "snowflake" Bentley
the Vermont farmer who photographed hundreds of snowflakes in the early 1900's
wind is caused by
unequal heating of the earth's surface. The warm air then rises, and the cold air rushes is to take the warm airs place.
transfer of heat through a fluid
liquid water falling as rain, sleet, hail, or snow
the process by which molecules of water vapor in the air become liquid water
direct transfer of heat by touching
the process by which liquid water escapes into the air as water vapor
direct transfer of heat through open space
global winds and areas of no wind
polar esterlies, prevailing westerlies, trade winds, hores latitudes, and doldrums
cumulus, cirrus, and stratus
phases of the cell cycle
interphase, (beginning) prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase, (mitosis) and cytokinesis (end)
formula for photosynthesis
carbon dioxide+water [light energy, chloraphyll] = glucose+oxygen
3 ways to prevent cancer
don't smoke, eat healthy food, and wear sun screen when in the sun
4 ways to treat cancer
radiation, surgery,chemtherapy, and gold nanodots
parts of chromosome
centromere (middle), coiled chromatin, and chromatids (symetrical "legs" of coiled chromatin)
parts of a compound microscope
eye piece (also eye piece lens and ocular) , nose piece, stage, low and high power objective lens, light source, condenser (also diaphragm and aperature control) , base, fine and coarse adjustment knob, spring clips, arm, revolving nose piece, and body tube