Worldy wise lesson 9

15 terms by brendongustav_gamil

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Offering or serving as a warning


v. to confine, inhibit, or hold back by force or necessity. n. a restriction or limitation.


A fleet of boats or small ships.


Thin sheer fabric resembling gauze. A fine filmy substance made of strands of cobweb. As light and delicate as a cobweb


to bring upon oneself something undesirable, such as a debt


1. To settle the affairs of a business; to convert into cash
2. To get rid of; to kill or destroy


An important, often wealthy, person prominent in a large industry or business


A name that does not fit


burdensome; oppressive


Romantic and idealistic, but impractical


Holding fast; persistent in adhering to something valued or habitual


A trace of something that once was present


A light, gentle breeze

ignominious this is impossible to spell so don't even ****ing try

deserving or causing public disgrace or shame


a state of extreme confusion and disorder

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