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  1. attainment
  2. venial
  3. dearth
  4. stately
  5. suppress
  1. a dignified, majestic
  2. b an accomplishment, the act of achieving
  3. c to stop by force, put down
  4. d easily excused; pardonable
  5. e a lack, scarcity, inadequate supply; a famine

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  1. forceful, convincing; relevant, to the point
  2. a difference; a lack of agreement
  3. to walk heavily or slowly; to work slowly
  4. meddling; excessively forward in offering services or assuming authority
  5. definite, clearly stated

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  1. unfeignedassociated, connected


  2. premeditatedconsidered beforehand, deliberately planned


  3. esteemto express agreement; agreement


  4. skulkbending easily; bending with agility; readily adaptable; servile


  5. invulnerablenot able to be wounded or hurt; shielded against attack