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  1. clemency
  2. supercilious
  3. inopportune
  4. brandish
  5. supple
  1. a mercy, humaneness, mildness, moderateness
  2. b bending easily; bending with agility; readily adaptable; servile
  3. c coming at a bad time; not appropriate
  4. d to wave or flourish in a menacing or vigorous fashion
  5. e proud and contemptuous; showing scorn because of a feeling of superiority

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  1. to stop by force, put down
  2. to give or pass on as an inheritance
  3. a difference; a lack of agreement
  4. to regard highly; a highly favorable opinion or judgment
  5. rashness, boldness

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  1. disperseto scatter, spread far and wide


  2. dearthskillful, nimble


  3. statelydignified, majestic


  4. destitutedeprived of the necessities of life; lacking in


  5. attainmentan accomplishment, the act of achieving


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