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  1. remiss
  2. indomitable
  3. temerity
  4. premeditated
  5. assent
  1. a to express agreement; agreement
  2. b neglectful in performance of one's duty, carelessness
  3. c considered beforehand, deliberately planned
  4. d rashness, boldness
  5. e unconquerable, refusing to yield

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  1. marked by honor, courtesy, and courage; knightly
  2. cool and confident, unconcerned
  3. suggesting an incongruity between what might be expected and what actually happens; given to irony; sarcastic
  4. to wave or flourish in a menacing or vigorous fashion
  5. one who does good to others

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  1. malevolentforceful, convincing; relevant, to the point


  2. truculentfierce and cruel; aggressive; deadly, destructive; scathingly harsh


  3. disperseto scatter, spread far and wide


  4. destituteto tear up by the roots; to destroy totally


  5. accedeto yield to; to assume an office or dignity


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