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Grammar for latin
Direct Object
recieves the action of an active voice verb.
Mater LIBEROS laudat <-- mother praises who?
ends in the Accusative case ALWAYS
Place to Which/Motion
uses the latin preposition ad="to, toward" and in="into"
lupus (IN SILVAM) currit= the wolf runs in the forest.
ends in accusative case.
Subject Accusative
The subject of an infinitive is in the accusative case
Davus SERVOS strenue laborare iubet
Ablative Place Where
Uses the latin Prep in=in, on
In italia habitant= they live in italy
Ablative From Which
uses the latin prepositions, e, ex=out of, from
a, ab= away, from
de= down from
Ablative Accompaniment
Answers the question which whom? (a person)
Uses latin prep. cum
(cum amicis) sedemus
Ablative Manner
Answers the question how? (an abstract noun)
may use the latin preposition cum=with
(Cum cura) legebamus
Ablative Time
Answers the question when?
(Prima luce) iverunt= they went at dawn
What are the time words?
Tempus, dies, nox, hora
Ablative of Means
Answers the question with what?
Latin prep: none
translates: "by, with, by means of"
baculo verberatus est
Baculo= what was he beaten with? "WITH WHAT"