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General characteristics, classification, accessories

Tightly packed cells

- form protective barriers and linings
-cover body and organ surgaces, line body and lumens
-Always has an apical(open) surface

Basement Membrane

Underlying tissues that connects to nourishment supply
- only in ET, thinnest layer


without a blood supply of its own

Rapidly Reproduce

-Mitotic cells found at basement membrane level
-Areas where wounds or losses can be closed/replaced quickly

Tight junctions

two cell membranes fuse together


membranes joined together by glue-like material


Increased surface area for increased absorption, digestive tract


Help move liquids etc, over the surface of tissue, respiratory tract (trachea)

Classification of E.T.

- # of layers of cells
- Simple(one), Stratified (multi), Pseudo (fake layers)

Classification of E.T. cont

-Shapes of cells
- Squamous (thin, flat with a central nucleus)
- Cuboidal ( cube-shaped with a central nucleus)
- Columnar (shoe boxed shaped, nucleus near basement membrane)

Simple Squamous ET

-single layer of flat cells tightly packed together
-founds in regions of diffision or filtration
- lungs(alveoli), blood vessels(capillary walls)

Stratified Squamous ET

- many layers of columnar or cuboidal at one end of tissue
- thinner and flatter as pushed to free surface of membrane
- found in areas of abrasion or friction
- skin stratified cells become keratinized
- linings of mouth and oral cavity

Transitional ET

- Several layers of cells that change shape
- Lining of bladder
- allows for expansion

Simple Cuboidal ET

- single layer of cubed shaped cells
-found in secreting glands - kidney tubules, ducts, outer ovary linings

Simple Columnar ET

- single layer of shoe boxed shaped cells
- nuclei at all the same level close to basement membrane
- found in areas of secretion and absorption
- microvilli and goblet cells present

Pseudo- Stratified Columnar ET

- nuclei all over, looks like several layers
- often has cilia
- found in some glands, ducts, trachea, male urethra

Serous Membranes

-line body cavities that dont open to outside, covers organs
- thin layer of simple squamous c thin layer of CT
- secrete watery fluid - lubricates membrane surface

Mucous Membranes

- line cavities that open to the outside
- layer of varying types of ET with a layer of CT

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