15 terms

What do you know about the British, the USA and the RF political systems?

Test questions on cultural awareness. Theme "Western Democracies. Are they democratic?" (high school)
Who is the official Head of the UK?
the Queen
Who determines the UK policy?
the Prime-Minister & the Cabinet
Who becomes the the Prime-Minister in the UK?
the leader of the party with the majority seata in the House of Commons
Which House in the British Parliament is not elected?
the House of Lords
Who is the Head of the USA?
the President
What is the name of the USA Parliament?
What represents the executive branch of power in the USA?
the President and the Administration
What is the judicial branch in the USA involved in?
in the system of checks & balances
What is the name federal legislative branch in the RF?
the Federal Assembly
Who garantees the basic righta of the people in Russia?
the President
What perid is the RF President elected for?
for 6 years
Who can declare laws unconstitutional?
the Suprime Court of the RF
*What is the nick-name of the UK flag?
the Union Jack
*What is the nick-name of the USA flag
the Stars & Stripes
*What is the order of the RF flag's stripes?