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Milady Practice Exam Cosmetology

Practice Exam
The Deepest layer of the epidermis, the basal cell layer, is also known as the
Stratum Germinativum
The layer of skin that is composed of several layers of different-shaped cells and is responsible for the growth of the epidermis is the:
Stratum Germinativum
Cosmetology professionals are only allowed to use products that remove dead skin from the:
stratum corneum
The layer of skin that we see and is treated by the practitioner is the:
The fatty layer found below the dermis is the:
The muscle that causes goose bumps when a person is frightened or cold is the___
Arrector Pili Muscle
The tiny granules of coloring matter deposited in cells that provide skin with its color are:
The two types of duct glands that extract materials from the blood to form new substances are:
Sudoriferous & Sebaceous Glands
Water is the number one nutrient of the body and composes what percentage of the body's weight?
50 to 70%
The principal functions of the skin are protection, sensation, heat regulation, excretion, and:
Secretion & Absorption
The three main layers of the hair shaft are the cuticle, cortex, and:
Medulla Layer
A weak, temporary side bond that is easily broken by water and heat is a:
Hydrogen Bond
All natural hair color is the result of pigment located in the cortex called:
Oily hair and scalp are caused by improper washing or overactive:
Sebaceous Glands
The average growth of healthy scalp hair is about ______ per month.
1/2 inch
A condition that is characterized by brittleness and the formation of nodular swellings along the hair shaft is:
Trichorrhexis Nodosa
The medial term that is used to describe dandruff is:
Tinea is characterized by itching scales and sometimes painful circular lesions and is caused by:
An infestation of the hair and scalp with head lice is:
Pediculosis Capitis
A carbuncle is an inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue caused by:
The type of fungal infection that is characterized by red papules or spots at the opening of the hair follicle is:
Tinea Capitis
Dead cells that form over a wound or blemish while it is healing is a:
The lipophilic tail of a surfactant molecule is considered to be:
Oil Attracting
The water-attracting head of the surfactant molecule is:
Shampoos that help close the hair cuticle and are balanced to the pH of skin and hair are:
Shampoos that contain special chemicals or drugs that are effective in reducing excessive dandruff or relieving other scalp conditions are:
Medicated Shampoos
The hair should never be brushed prior to a:
Chemical Service
When providing a scalp massage, use the length of the fingers, fingertip balls, and the cushions of the:
Brushes with bristles that have tiny overlapping layers or scales, which clean and add luster to the hair, are:
During the shampoo procedure, the water should be monitored for:
Volume & Temperature
Shampoos that are created by combining the surfactant base with basic color pigments are:
Products that do not remove artificial color from the hair are considered to be:
Shampoo that can leave the hair dry and brittle and cause fading in color-treated hair is:
High-pH Shampoo
Characteristics that are associated with particular skin types are referred to as skin:
The amount of sebum produced by the sebaceous glands determines the size of the:
Dry skin that is not producing enough sebum is also known as:
Hydrators that are thick in texture and bind water to the skin are used for:
Dehydrated Skin
Products that are designed to lower the pH of skin after cleaning and aid in the removal of excess cleaning products are:
A cream-type enzyme applied to the face and rolled off the skin after forming a crust is a:
The stratum germinativum is composed of several layers with special cells that produce a dark skin pigment called:
Products used to increase the water content of the skin surface are:
Water-binding agents in moisturizers contain emollients or hydrators also known as:
The manual or mechanical manipulation of the body by rubbing, kneading, or other movements is called:
The impact of a massage treatment depends upon the amount of pressure, direction of movement, and:
Duration of Manipulation
A kneading movement that is performed by lifting, squeezing, and pressing tissue with light, firm pressure is:
The black cord and plug of the negative electrode on a galvanic machine is called the:
A mechanical exfoliation that uses a closed vacuum to shoot crystals onto the skin is:
A section of hair molded in circular movements in preparation for the formation of a pin curl is a __
The most commonly shaped pin curl base is the __
Arc Base
The hair type that is very resistant to hair pressing and requires more heat and pressure is __
To change the natural wave pattern of hair, the side bond of what layer of hair must be broken?
The range of numbers used in the pH scale is
0 to 14
In restructuring process, coarse, resistant hair with strong compact cuticle requires a chemical solution that is:
Highly Alkaline
Chains that are formed by peptide bonds that are linked together are:
Polypeptide Bonds
Chemical-based side bonds that are formed when two sulfur-type chains are joined together are:
Disulfide Bonds
More then any other single factor, what determines the ability for the hair to cold a curl?
In permanent waving, the size of the curl is determined by the:
Rod Size
In the permanent waving, panels of hair are divided into smaller sub-sections called:
Base Sections
In the croquignole method of wrapping , the hair is wound from:
Ends to Scalp
An acid with low pH that is the primary reducing agent in acid waves is:
Glyceryl Monothioglycolate
All acid waves have three components consisting of the waving lotion, neutralizer, and:
Waves that are activated from an outside heat source are considered:
Relaxers that contains only one component and are used without mixing are:
Metal Hydroxide Relaxers
To avoid over-processing an scalp irritation in a virgin relaxers application, start at least:
1/4 inch Away From Scalp
Conditioners with an acidic pH that conditions an restores the natural pH of hair after a relaxer but prior to shampooing are:
Normalizing Solution
During a retouch relaxer application, to avoid over-processing or hair breakage, Do Not:
Overlapped the relaxer
Hair that is treated with hydroxide relaxers must not be treated with:
Thio relaxers
Along the front hairline to prevent splits or breaks in the finished style, the recommended base to use is:
Triangular Base
Arc pin curls are also known as half-moon or:
C-Shaped Based Curls
Ridge curls are pin curls placed immediately behind or below a ridge to form a:
A type of hair gel that makes the hair pliable enough to finger wave is:
Waving Lotion
To create curls in using rollers, the hair should be wrapped around the roller:
Two-and-a-Half Turns
When securing a roller, one end of the clip should be under the roller and one end __
Inside the Roller
Another term used to describe back-brushing is __
Combing small sections of hair from the ends toward the scalp to form a cushion at the base is known as __
Large, flat brushes with staggered pin patterns used for mid-to-longer hair length are __
Paddle Brushes
The edges on flat irons that create smooth, straight styles on very curly hair are __
A pressing comb with less space between the teeth produces a(n) __
Smooth Press
After heating a pressing comb, the temperature of the comb should be tested using __
Light Paper
A hard press is also known as a __
Double-Comb Press
The press performed when the hair becomes curly again due to perspiration or dampness is a __
A true classic hairdo created out of a simple ponytail that can be a simple style or dressed up is a(n) __
A skin condition caused by an inflammation of the sebaceous glands. Inflammation, dry or oily scaling or crusting, and/or itchiness
Seborrheic dermatitis
Elevation on the skin that contains no fluid, but may develop into a pustule:
A dry, scaly skin condition due to a deficiency or absence of sebum caused by old age and exposure to cold is:
Distended capillaries caused by constant overdilation and weakening of the capillary walls are known as:
Contrasting lines that are horizontal and vertical lines that create a hard edge and form __
90 Degree Angle
A contagious, recurring viral infection characterized by fever blisters or cold sores is:
Herpes Simplex
When executing an updo always inspect the shape you are building from every angle to determine:
Well Balance & Proportioned
A long chain of amino acids linked by peptide bonds is called:
Polypeptide Bonds
A fiber protein that is the principal component of hair, skin, and nails is:
A weak, temporary side bond between adjacent polypeptide chains (Salt bonds are easily broken by changes in pH, and re-form when the pH has returned to normal) :
Salt Bond
Lines a constant distance apart in the same direction that are used to create width in a hair design
Horizontal Lines
Usually curved lines that are used to blend & soften horizonal or vertical lines
Transitional Lines
Establishing equal or appropriate proportions to create symmetry in a design:
The part of the overall design that the client will respond to first :
A single line of color or a series of repeated lines can create a :
Bold, Dramatic Accent
Hairstyle choice should create volume around the areas between the temples and jaw, by adding width around the ear area
Square facial shape
Is the outline of the face, head, or figure seen in a side view
The treatment that passes water through a porous substance, such as charcoal or a filter, to be purified is known as: