Active/Passive Voice

20 terms by AWedemeier

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Active Voice

The dog bit the boy.

Active Voice

Scientists have conducted experiments to test the hypothesis.

Active Voice

Hundreds of tourists are visiting the statue every year.

Passive Voice

My books were stolen by someone yesterday

Passive Voice

Coffee is raised in many parts of Hawaii.

Active Voice

A very strong firefighter was carrying a woman downstairs.

Passive Voice

The streets were blocked by the police.

Active Voice

The police blocked the street.

Passive Voice

My car is being fixed by a knowledgeable mechanic.

Active Voice

Our government has exported a great deal of oil.

Active Voice

Subject PERFORMS the action of the verb.

Active Voice

George wrote the play.

Passive Voice

The play was written by George.

Passive Voice

When the subject is acted on by the action of the verb.

Passive Voice

She was sad because of her boyfriend.

Active Voice

I passed my math test.

Passive Voice

The tree was hit by the car.

Active Voice

The car hit the tree.

How do you change the PASSIVE voice to AcTIVE?

Allow the SUBJECT to PERFORM the action. (Hint-this usually means moving the subject to the beginning of the sentence.

How do you change ACTIVE voice to PASSIVE?

Change the SUBJECT to be the OBJECT of the VERB.

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