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What is Physiography?

The shape of the land

What regions in the Mornington Peninsula divided up into? (horst and graben)

Horst: Mornington peninsula; Mt Eliza, Mornington, Mt Martha, Arthur's seat, Red Hill and Main Ridge.
Graben (sunkland): Port Phillip; kangerong basin and safety beach.

Define horst

A horst is an area of land that has risen between two fault lines or cracks in the earth's crust.

Define graben

A sunkland or graben is formed when land subsides between two faults.

Modern land uses of the region

Retirement communities
Market gardens

Aboriginal use of the land

Coastal waters, Tootgarook swamp and Sullivan bay were used for food sources which supplied seafood and shellfish.
They used the plants and berries for food and medicine and the hinterland (bushland) supplied possums and wallabies.
The aboriginals also practised some environmental management strategies like controlled burning of vegetation and to store/dump rubbish.

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