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Gods written word, composed by human authors and inspired by the Holy Spirit
a solemn promise, or agreement made between 2 parties ; the word means testament
a summary of true beliefs held by a group
the respect owed to all humans because they are made in the image of God
a theological virtue; a gift from God; the habit of responding positively to God
Free Will
the human ability to make decisions without being forced to choose or act in a certain way
the one and only supreme being who always existed and who will always continue to exist; there are 3 persons in one God, the father, the son, and the holy spirit
our sharing in the life of God
a savior sent by God to redeem people from the power of sin and everlasting death and to restore them to Gods friendship
Gods communication of himself and his plan of loving goodness throughout history. Scripture and tradition make up the one source of his revelation
the spiritual principle of humans
the living and authentic transmissions of the teachings of Jesus in the Church
the mystery of one God in 3 persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit
ones calling or destiny in life
worship and honor given to God as the creator and sustainer of all that is
created beings who are the pure spirits with intelligence and free will, but without bodies, who act as the messengers of God
the belief that their is no God
the sacrament of new life in God and of incorporation into the new Church performed with water
the theory that the Genesis story in the Bible is literally true, that God created the universe and everything in it in 6 days and out of nothing
a process of continuous change from a simple form to a more complex form
worship of false gods
the official public prayer of the Church through which Christ continues the work of redemption through the Church's celebration of the Paschal Mystery
a sacrament at the service of communion, the sacrament that celebrates the sacred covenant between a man and a woman who promise to be faithful to one another until death
Original Sin
the first decision by humans to disobey God. All people except Jesus and Mary are born with original sin, a wounded human nature that is tempted to choose wrong over right
Gods action accomplished through Jesus of freeing people from sin and restoring them to friendship with God
an effective sign established by Jesus and given to his Church , by which God shares his life through the work of the Holy Spirit
the responsibility God gave humans to take care of the earth and everything in it
10 Commandments
the 10 fundamental moral laws given by God to his people and recorded in the Old Testament
the announcement of the angel Gabriel that through the power of the HS, Mary, though a virgin, as to be the mother of the Son of God who would be called Jesus. The Church celebrates the feast on March 25
the Church teaching that at the end of her life Mary, body and soul, was taken up into heaven. the Church celebrates the feast on August 15th
Jesus 8 teachings about the meaning and path to true happiness which depict the attitudes and actions that followers of Christ should have and the way to live in Gods kingdom today. They describe the way to attain the eternal holiness or blessedness to which God calls all people
the anointed one, the messiah, Jesus Christ. As messiah Jesus restored all people to communion and friendship with God through his life death and resurrection
a revealing or showing after Jesus birth, God revealed to people tho other than the Jews, represented by the magi, that Jesus was the long-promised Messiah
the god news- the message of Christ, the kingdom of God, and salvation. In the NT of the Bible, there are 4 gospels. Mark, John, Matthew and Luke. 4 accounts of Jesus life, teachings, death, and resurrection
a state of becoming more God like, living in his presence, or with his love
Immaculate Conception
the church teaching that God favored Mary by preserving her from all stain of original sin from the first moment of her conception
the second person of the trinity while remaining God, assumed a human nature and became a man. The son of God became true man while remaining true God
name that means God saves. Jesus of Nazareth is the Savior God sent to redeem people from sin and eternal death
Kingdom of God
Gods reign of justice love and peace
the mother of Jesus, thus the mother of God
to restore to friendship. Jesus reconciled all people to God through his life, death and resurrection
the event in which Jesus reveals his divine glory to his apostles. this event prefigures or points to the resurrection of Jesus
the taking up of the risen christ to heaven
the serious sin of showing contempt or lack of reverence for God and his name
Capital Sins
grave offenses, sometimes called "deadly sins" because they turn people completely away from God; called "capital" because they are the sources of the other sins
a form of capital punishment by which a person is tied or nailed to a cross; the death of Jesus on the cross
Easter Vigil
the opening liturgy of the Easter celebration, held after sundown on Holy Saturday, during which salvation history is recounted and adults are initiated into the Catholic Church
Good Friday
the friday before Easter, the day Jesus dies on the cross for our redemption
Holy Thursday
the Thursday before Easter. on this night thee Church celebrates the institution of the Eucharist at the Last Supper
Mortal Sin
a very serious wrong that is contrary to Gods law. the effect of mortal sin - if not repented- is eternal separation from God
Paschal Mystery
the events involved in our redemption; the passion, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus
intense suffering for another, out of love for that person. The passion of Christ refers to the suffering and death of Jesus Christ out of love for humanity
Gods saving activity in Jesus in freeing humankind from the bonds of sin and eternal death; the word means back or ransoming
Gods raising of Jesus from death to new life
a holy sign used by Catholics that help us pray and remember Gods love for us
2nd Coming
the return of Jesus Christ as king and judge at the end of time
an offense against God that causes a rupture of communion with him, wounds our human nature, and injures solidarity with others
Suffering servant
according to Isiah, the one who would unjustly, but willingly suffer and die for others
Venial Sin
a less serious wrong that weakens but does not destroy our relationship with God and other people, or a serious wrong done without full knowledge or free will